About Us

We value honest and frank communication about technology problems and our clients’ best, high-value solutions at a competitive cost and being readily available as a trusted resource.

Our History

I, Ryan Finchum, started the company in 2004 as a college graduate to local consumers who needed help with their computer problems, mostly slowness and virus infections. Over time, this expanded, strictly through referral, into small businesses needing help with various technology needs. Experience, challenged by constantly changing technology, has enabled us to grow our client base and provide quick answers to issues that arise for everyone. We now have clients throughout and beyond Indiana who turn to us for help when they confront a technology issue or concern.


Our Mission

To provide easy answers and reliable solutions to technology problems consumers and businesses face. To offer a comprehensive digital marketing platform for businesses while also offering remote technology and support services, as needed.

Our Vision

To expand our reach to local businesses that need comprehensive IT consulting, be it hardware repair, networking & wireless support, and/or software solutions to make those businesses more efficient add and scale quickly our digital marketing and web design services for local businesses, including SEO, SEM, reputation management, and their digital footprint.


A Case Study

Keller Williams Realty - ~250 agents and admin staff

The entire office was suffering from slow internet service that would disconnect regularly. The WiFi throughout the office was slow and spotty.

Agents, admin staff, and visitors would complain regularly and more loudly each time there was an unnecessary outage that disrupted their ability to work. Agents were leaving the office to work from home or threatening to leave the brokerage entirely.

A full network assessment was done to analyze what networking hardware they had, what speeds it supported, and how robust it was for the internet they were paying for.

A proposal was drafted to not only speed up the internet, but ensure seamless, more reliable connectivity throughout the office with very little downtime for transition. Budgetary guidelines were maintained as well.

Speeds throughout the office are MUCH higher, the connections are more reliable, and problems have been minimized to almost nothing.

Issues that do arise are easily and quickly fixed due to new management tools setup for this purpose. Productivity has increased among remote agents due to a reliable & speedy network. Agent retention has also increased because they can now work in a technologically reliable workspace.

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