3 Reasons of Your Computer Crashes

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Have you ever had that moment when you’re typing away on your computer, and it suddenly blacks out? That’s a crash, and it will likely happen several times until you have it fixed. However, there are ways you can fix it on your own, which is why we will discuss the common causes here to help you determine the reason behind those computer crashes. 

1. Heat

The most common reason behind a computer crash is overheating. It happens when there’s a blocked airflow due to the accumulation of dust and debris. 

Remember, vital computer components generate heat, such as the CPU, hard disk, and many more. When these components become too hot, they fail. In turn, it makes your computer crash.

If you’re using a laptop, you can prevent this from happening by not putting your laptop on your lap when you’re working. Instead, use a desk to help with better airflow. For desktop computers, it’s best to look inside and clean dust and dirt. 

Another reason why a computer overheats is a failed fan. Unfortunately, computer fans have become complicated over the years. If your computer fan is the problem, it’s best to have it repaired by a professional. 

Also, your CPU can generate a lot of heat, especially when it works harder. This is why you need to invest in variable fans to help cool things when the internal temperature increases. 

2. Hardware Failure

Another reason your computer crashes is due to hardware failure. For one, when your RAM fails, it can cause random crashes to your computer. Another reason is that when programs are not loaded in the exact same place in memory. 

3. Hard Disk

Either HDD or SSD, your hard disk with bad or damaged information can affect software or applications on your computer that can cause a crash. The good thing about this is that you will usually get warning signs, such as CRC errors or significant disk slowdowns, before the crash happens. 

It’s important you act on it right away instead of waiting for the crash to happen. You could have more damage to deal with by then, especially if you have important files on your computer and you’re working on a time-sensitive project. 

Avoid Computer Crashes

There’s only one sure thing that can help you avoid computer crashesthat is, to take care of your computer. Making sure you update it, avoid overheating by having the right position and tools to ensure your computer is getting proper airflow, and clean and dirt and debris that has accumulated inside. 

Proper care and maintenance are a must, whether you’re working on a laptop or computer, to avoid these annoying crashes. Don’t take these crashes lightly because they could lead to more significant damage if you don’t address them immediately. 


If you still are having trouble with your computer, it’s best to let the professionals work on it. They will be able to find the real reason behind the crashes, which can help you maximize the use of your computer for work, play, or school.

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