3 Surprisingly Bad Habits That Are Killing Your Laptop

3 Surprisingly Bad Habits That Are Killing Your Laptop

Ever had those moments where in the middle of working on a task on your laptop, and suddenly things just won’t work anymore? The cursor lags when scrolling, browser tabs are unresponsive, applications start crashing, and a whole litany of other problems begin to delay your productivity. It’s not uncommon for one, or all of the above to happen to your own laptop, and most of the time, the problem comes as a result of unnecessary wear and tear caused by improper use. Surprisingly, a lot of your possible daily habits could actually be destroying your device. Read on to learn about a few bad habits that you might want to drop in order to prevent your unit’s wear and tear for as long as you possibly can.

Allowing Your Laptop To Overheat

Give your device a little room to breathe. No matter how much it’s worth, any laptop will eventually overheat if used on plush or stuffy spaces such as beds, sofas, rugs, or even overcrowded desks. This problem commonly arises during hotter seasons, which can get pretty intense in IN. Your laptop’s ventilation can only do so much, and it relies on you to be careful with how you handle it.

Overheating doesn’t only come within. As much as you can, avoid leaving your laptop in overly stuffy spaces such as a car in the middle of a sweltering IN summer, or next to your room’s heater. Whether the heat comes from inside or outside forces, your laptop is at risk of literally baking when under intense heat. To prevent laptop problems related to overheating, work on a cool, dry surface with plenty of room for airflow.

Allowing Your Laptop To Get Dirty

Whether it’s eating lunch in front of our desks at work or enjoying a big bowl of popcorn over our weekend Netflix binges, we’re all guilty of eating in front of our laptops at one point in our lives. While it can’t be helped sometimes, eating in front of (or anywhere near) your laptop puts it at risk of collecting crumbs under the keyboard and other crevices of your device. You’re also risking spilling your drink on it, as well, which is an absolute deathtrap for your laptop.

Keeping Too Many Tabs Open

Notice how your laptop slows down or starts encountering problems and errors when you have way too many tabs open? Opening too many windows and tabs is one of the most common reasons why laptops start to slow down and become unresponsive. If you keep this up, you’re definitely setting your device up for a much shorter lifespan. As much as possible, try to limit your usage up to eight or nine open tabs at a time.

Laptops can last a whole lot longer with a little tender loving care. Curbing the above habits should go a long way to make sure your machine doesn’t break down on you at an inopportune time. Too late for that now? Is your PC crying for help? If you’re in the Greenwood, IN area, give Finchum’s Computer Service a call. Finchum’s Computer Services is here as your one-stop-shop for IT Consulting & Services and to meet your technological needs.


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