3 Tips To Ensure A Successful Wireless Business Network Setup

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Given the digital landscape, all businesses are required to have a good network to facilitate their operations. Whether you’re a small business only starting out or perhaps an enterprise looking to move to bigger and better locations, the first on the list of your essentials will always be internet connectivity. 

Although wired connections remain a steady choice for some companies, WiFi networks have now become the most ideal. They’ve replaced the ethernet spotlight, now providing high-speed and stable connectivity, regardless of the device used. 

WiFi connectivity is also more cost-effective and efficient than ethernet cables, especially since there’s no need to purchase separate cables, all for the sake of connecting devices onto the company’s network. With a wireless internet connection, performing daily activities is easier to do. 

Investing in a wireless business network is a powerful move, as it’s an investment that will eventually help your business grow and reach new heights. Although it’s now the top choice for many, there are various things you need to consider for a successful setup.

To ensure that it provides optimal performance and excellent ROI, consider the following tips below. Preparation is always key to success:

Tip #1: Don’t underestimate the significance of a site survey 

Moving to a new office or setting up your first ever work environment can be an exhilarating prospect. You’ll likely be eager to get a move on, but remember that you need to plan things carefully. Your first move should be to have a WiFi network ready before the big move, just to ensure that your business remains in operation, even as you settle down.

To successfully do so you need to perform a site survey. This will help you officially determine how the arrangement will be, especially when it comes to the number of APs and router arrangements. Keep in mind that signals will need to be distributed accordingly. Poor planning can interfere with the internet’s ability to perform at top speed, meaning that productivity will eventually waver. 

Tip #2: Make sure you get the best possible equipment

A site survey allows you to plan arrangements carefully, but it also helps you identify which tools you need to boost the network performance. For bigger businesses, you may want to shell out a little more budget on better routers, particularly those that can accommodate numerous devices simultaneously. Smaller businesses can work with less than elaborate devices, so long as the signals remain steady.

Most business owners make the mistake of purchasing equipment for home use—this will indeed be cheaper, but you risk sabotaging your overall business operations. Remember: they’re not made for commercial use!

Tip #3: Security should always remain a top priority

Ensuring productivity is necessary, but everything will be for naught without proper security measures in place. You’ll want to ensure that your wireless network setups can fend up potential attackers, so it’s important to invest in supplemental tools to keep it well-protected. Consider purchasing the following tools:

  • Firewalls, meant to maintain network integrity
  • Splash pages, which offer another layer of authentication
  • Well-made passwords, to ensure that users remain within your company only

The Bottom Line

Setting up a wireless network entails a lot of strategic planning, regardless of business nature. You’ll want to get things right off the bat, to ensure that your operations run smoothly regardless of the moving status. Bear in mind that the smallest problems can cause your business to slow down, so keep these WiFi installation tips in mind.

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