3 Upgrades to Enhance Your Computer’s Performance

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Technology never ceases to get better, and in the computer world, this is true. Even when you finally settle for a good computer, there will always come a time when something phenomenally better will come out, leaving you wondering whether or not you should upgrade it. 

Fortunately, the answer to this question does not rely on what new technology is currently available. It depends more on how well your current computer is performing. In other words, if you find your computer to be too slow and too old to use properly, then it may be the perfect time to look for a new computer. 

Are you dealing with an old and sluggish computer? If so, a few upgrades may fix it right up to speed. This article will talk about the various upgrades you can do to your computer to speed it up and keep it updated.

1. The memory 

Memory, also known as RAM (random access memory), is one of the easiest and most effective upgrades you can make on your computer. RAM is mostly responsible for short-term data to allow different applications to store and access data needed quickly. RAM makes the system overall much snappier and more responsive to your needs, whether opening new browser tabs or dragging around various documents. 

That said, when upgrading your RAM, note that your computer will not be able to work with every type of memory out there. For that reason, take the time to look at what RAM your motherboard supports and choose compatible ones. 

2. The processor

The central processing unit (CPU), or processor for short, is responsible for processing all the data that takes place in your computer. From processing a video to calculating large amounts of numbers, it does it all. This also means that if your processor is old, your computer’s performance will suffer greatly.

When it comes to upgrading your CPU, you must consider what fits into your motherboard. Depending on the motherboard, your CPU options will be limited. Old motherboards will not fit the latest CPUs even under the same brand, so keep that in mind.

3. The storage device 

If you are still utilizing a spinning hard drive, you will be glad to know that there are many faster storage devices today. You can find ones that are over 10 times faster read speeds and even faster write speeds. In other words, an upgrade to your storage device means that data storage and transfer becomes a lot faster, making the entire system feel a lot quicker and responsive.

Today, you have access to new storage options, such as solid-state drives (SSDs). These drives offer unparalleled speed compared to traditional hard drives, but at a cost. You will also have to consider whether your motherboard supports it to the fullest. Regardless, an upgrade to your hard drive is always a good idea, especially if you opt for a faster version, even if it is still a spinning drive. 


You can do many other upgrades to your computer, from the video card to the fans and even the motherboard. Such upgrades will improve your computer’s performance one way or another, but if you do not have the time to do any of that, you can consider buying a whole new computer. A computer today will be much better than a computer that’s 5 years old or older, meaning you gain instant access to better technology.

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