Keeping It Cool: Helpful Ways to Cool Down Your Computer

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No matter what you use your computer for — whether you’re a gamer or you’re working for hours in a day — you put your computer’s system at risk of overheating. When there are too many running applications, tasks, or programs, chances are your system could heat up and shut down.

With summer quickly approaching, you want to ensure that not only are you comfortable and cool, but your computer has something to help it beat the heat too. Forgetting to take precautions to keep your computer’s temperature at bay can lead to device complications, risking system failure, data loss, or breaking your computer altogether.

If you’re worried about this, it’s best to get basic computer hardware maintenance to ensure that your computer performs at its best and you can counter the complications of overheating. If you’re curious to know how to keep your computer cool, read on.

Below are some helpful ways to cool down your computer. Let’s take a look!

Tip #1: Keep Your Computer Away From Windows and Vents

One of the best things you can do for your computer is to ensure that you choose an ideal place for it to sit. If it’s in a warm place, chances are your computer will overheat much quicker. With that being said, avoid putting your computer close to a window that gets direct sunlight, a heating vent, or a generally temperature-sensitive area.

Tip #2: Ensure Your Computer has Breathing Room

Another thing you should remember to help keep your computer cool is to ensure that you give your system enough breathing room. With that being said, remove any obstructions or items that could restrict the airflow of your computer.

Ideally, you want to leave at least two to three inches of space on all sides of your computer, as well as ensuring it’s not placed in an enclosed space. Doing these minor changes can help reduce the risk of overheating.

Tip #3: Upgrade Your Computer’s Fan

Just like us, our computers and their parts will age. When they age, it also affects their performance, which could lead to system complications or overheating. With that being said, consider getting a computer cleaning service or upgrade your CPU fan.

When you upgrade your CPU fan or keep it clean, you help bring your computer’s temperature down. However, remember that you can only keep your CPU fan to its lowest temperature, regardless of how strong your CPU fan is.

Tip #4: Be Extra Careful When Overclocking

Although you can maximize the performance of your components with overclocking, it could still push your system’s capacities to their limit. When that happens, you put your computer at risk of overheating. With that being said, ensure that you’re careful when you’re overclocking and take precautionary steps to improve your computer’s cooling capacity.

The Bottom Line: Keeping Your Computer Cool Can Help Maintain Your Computer’s Performance

There are various ways to ensure that your computer stays cool even when you’re overworking or when summer is finally here. However, even if you’ve done basic computer hardware maintenance, you must take precautionary steps to ensure that your computer continues to perform at its best and reduce its chances of overheating.

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