4 Common Signs Your Computer Needs to Get Fixed – What to Know

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Personal computers are good investments because it allows users to entertain themselves while being able to use it for work and other worthwhile activities. Similar to any piece of technology, however, your computer is subject to wear and tear over time, which is commonly caused by constant use and abuse. When your computer shows some signs of problems, your next logical course of action is to seek repair – instead of a replacement, if possible.

In this article, we will share with you four common signs that show you finally need to have your computer fixed:

1. Your computer runs so slow

Nothing can be more annoying than using a computer that boots up and runs slowly. Because of the waiting period, you won’t be able to accomplish anything on time. If this frequently happens, it could be an indication that there’s an underlying problem with your computer. It may have to do with a computer virus, a technical glitch on a program, overheating, or a faulty hard drive. If these signs continue to manifest themselves, send your computer for servicing immediately before it crashes and you lose all your data.

2. Your computer gets really hot

On some occasions, you’ll notice that your computer gets hotter than usual. This only indicates one thing — overheating. It may have to do with a broken built-in fan or computer hardware that is not working properly. When it comes to your computer fan, know that it can become vulnerable to dust and other debris. As a result, it impacts the air circulation inside your device and causes overheating. 

3. Your computer makes strange sounds

Another annoyance is how your computer produces loud and weird noises when in use. Know that your computer is supposed to run quietly or at least with minimal sound, regardless if it has multiple parts and components. When you hear screeching or grinding sounds, it may have to do with worn computer fans. Clicking noises may also indicate a problem with your hard drives. As these loud noises are not good, make sure to bring your computer to a technician to have it fixed immediately.

4. Your computer frequently freezes or crashes

When it comes to computer problems, what’s worst is when it starts to freeze up, crash, or restart randomly. Know that these instances are warning signs that your computer has a major problem or malfunction that may be caused by faulty hardware or outdated software. It’s a good thing if these parts can merely be repaired or if the programs can be reinstalled. That said, have a service technician figure out the problem so that your computer can be restored to its former state.


It’s imperative to pay special attention to your personal computers from time to time. If it starts to run slow, get hot, make strange noises, and freeze or crash, have it checked immediately at a service center. After all, your computer is a valuable investment that you can utilize for personal and business use.

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