4 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Windows PC

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Spring is often the ideal time to reorganize one’s life and remove clutter, but your space isn’t the only thing that can benefit from a major cleaning. One of the most overlooked everyday devices includes your computer, which deserves more TLC since it’s a workhorse that fills an integral role in your daily life. 

If you’re scratching your head, wondering when you last gave your computer a thorough dusting inside and outside, then there’s no better time to clean it than now. Here’s what you can do to keep your computer in tip-top shape from software to the hardware: 

Uninstall Applications You No Longer Need

When starting from the inside out, it’s great to get rid of the easier ones, such as the applications littering your computer’s desktop. These apps can clutter your system and cause your PC to boot slowly, so removing unwanted software, completed games, and other unnecessary programs can do wonders for boosting your PC.

Get Rid of Unwanted Browser Extensions 

Nothing feels more frustrating than having a slow web browsing experience, especially one that comes with its own security and privacy risks. Browser extensions from unknown sources can mean trouble for your PC, so it’s best to remove all the extensions you don’t use and stick to trusted ones like AdBlockers.

Organize Files and Clean Up Your Desktop 

It can be frustrating to open your PC and see an assortment of programs the moment your computer boots up. All the clutter in your program files can cause a bottleneck, making everything slower and chaotic when it’s time to track your documents. By organizing your desktop and file explorer, you can trash old files in overlooked places like your Downloads folder and delete anything that’s wasting your storage space.

Dust Out Your CPU 

Your CPU can easily trap dust bunnies and cover the vents, openings, and other internal parts in a dirty layer, all of which can shorten your PC’s lifespan by increasing its risk of overheating. While fanning out the CPU with compressed air can quickly get rid of all the damaging dust and dander, this is a task best left to the professionals since it involves careful disassembly and handling.

The Bottom Line: Giving Your Windows PC a Much-Needed Refresh From Software to the Hardware

A dirty computer — on the inside and outside — can compromise your PC’s performance in more ways than one. By keeping the software clutter-free and the hardware spick-and-span, you can protect your system from overheating, mitigate security risks and other damages to the exterior and internal parts of your computer. 

Some maintenance checks are easy to do on your own, but clean-ups like dusting the PC’s components or something technical involving its software demand the aid of a professional computer technician. 

Why Choose Finchum Fixes It For All Your Computer Needs?

Your computer is like a living being that needs updates to grow and keep up with today’s standards. Letting it grow outdated can leave your systems vulnerable to a host of problems, but keeping your computer in tip-top condition can be easy with Finchum Fixes It. 

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