4 Practical Tips for Basic Computer Maintenance – Our Guide


Computer maintenance is your duty as a responsible computer user, and it ensures that you can keep to your everyday tasks, like work, shopping, and online payments. However, you may not have any idea on how to maintain your computer properly. Fortunately for you, we have just the tips you need! 

This article will provide you with four practical tips to guide you in essential computer maintenance. The main goal is to help you preserve your personal computer for your convenient everyday use. 

Keep your computer clean

The computer’s outer cleanliness is often neglected because people say it doesn’t affect its performance and longevity. However, that is not the case. Your computer can be more susceptible to costly repairs just because you don’t care for it through proper and timely cleaning. 

For instance, you may like to eat near your computer, and there may be times when your workstation is infested with ants and cockroaches. These pests can damage your computer by biting all the vulnerable components, which can affect its performance. 

As such, make it a habit to keep your computer and workstation clean. Use non-toxic electronic device cleaners to clean your computer correctly. Use a vacuum to suck out all the contaminants. You can also consult with our computer technicians who can clean your computer’s internal parts for your convenience. 

Install an antivirus program

Nowadays, there are many online threats and malware that can affect your computer’s performance. That is why you should install an antivirus program for proper scanning and cleaning. However, you may not know what antivirus is appropriate for your computer. 

Fortunately, you can call our computer technicians to assist you. You can also browse through our blog to help you bolster your computer’s defenses against cyber attacks and viruses. That way, you can gain trustworthy insights and cost-effective solutions for your computer. 

Be mindful of your laptop’s battery life

One of the most common computer repair issues for laptops concerns the battery because of its lack of care by the owner. There are many who tend to overcharge their laptop to the point that the device’s lifespan also affects its speed and performance. That is why you need to be mindful of your laptop’s charge cycles. 

As a preventative measure, get to know your computer’s maintenance programs to provide you with battery management options. For example, there are laptops with smart battery modes, enabling more extended use. That way, you can avoid having to spend money on laptop battery replacements and other costly repairs. 

Look into data backup solutions

Your computer’s files are crucial resources that you need to look after because they’re highly susceptible to getting erased or deleted. There are times when malware may have stolen your files, but it can also be due to faulty components, like an outdated drive. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from such risks. 

One option to consider for your files is cloud storage, such as One Drive and Google Drive. You can also invest in computers with a solid-state drive to ensure that your files are easy to recover. You can also contact our data recovery services to help you locate your lost data and find solutions to protect it. 


Your computer is vital to your everyday life, meaning you need to maintain its condition and performance. Fortunately, you now know the essential tips to keep your commitment as a responsible computer owner and user. Remember also to find experts to guide you to the best, convenient solutions for your computer. 

Are you looking for professional computer repairs in Greenwood? We at Finchum’s Computer Services can provide you with that. Our team of experienced computer technicians can also offer you maintenance solutions for your convenience. Contact us today to get your computer fixed! 


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