4 Solutions to Fixing a Frozen Laptop: Our Professional Guide

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The work-from-home setup is a typical 2020 scenario among most households, and unfortunately, so are instances where your work laptop screen freezes. These situations can disrupt your workflow since you have to spend more hours in front of the laptop to complete deliverables. Fortunately, there are some reliable solutions that you can use. 

This article will discuss four solutions you can use to fix your frozen laptop screen. The main goal is to unfreeze your screen and help you consider the possibility of upgrading your device to ensure you can keep working undisturbed and stick to work-life balance. 

1. Use Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Yes, the Ctrl + Alt + Delete function is the standard operating procedure for almost any computer issue, like a frozen laptop screen. It enables you to see the task manager and look for any apps that are not responding and preventing your screen from responding. You can also use this function to close programs that can be overwhelming your laptop’s capacity. However, you may need multiple programs open to accomplish your work. 

As such, you should be aware of your laptop’s Random Access Memory or RAM, the part of your laptop in charge of storing short-term data for your applications, like your website browser.  Fortunately, there are options to upgrade your laptop’s RAM. Contact your local IT specialist to help you find cost-effective solutions to update your laptop and prevent freezing. 

2. Wait for your laptop to run again

Technology is not as perfect as it seems, and the same can be said about your laptop. There are times when you load too many programs simultaneously, causing your laptop to freeze. But don’t worry, your laptop may just need to catch up to the tasks. Try to wait for one or two minutes to allow your laptop to process all your commands. If your laptop screen is still frozen, try other solutions. 

3. Be mindful of overheating  

When you use your laptop for a long time, the screen can freeze due to overheating. It means you need to either let your laptop rest or allow proper ventilation from your laptop’s exhaust fan. That’s why you should always check your laptop’s temperature. 

To prevent overheating, explore your laptop’s features for temperature control. There are built-in systems that can help you keep your laptop run efficiently. You can also buy a laptop cooling pad or consider having your exhaust fan replaced. That way, you can keep your laptop running efficiently without fear of overheating.

4. Scan your laptop for malware 

Your laptop can tend to freeze because it is overloaded with malware that affects its performance. That is why you should have a professional antivirus system installed on your laptop. 

To find the best antivirus for your laptop, consult with an IT specialist who can help you remove existing malware and provide high-quality protection, like firewalls and convenient antivirus scanning. Through this, you can keep working on your laptop and protect your data. 


Witnessing a frozen laptop screen can be a nuisance, but now, you know what needs to be done to solve this issue. You also have to remember to get your laptop inspected and maintained to avoid screen freezing during critical moments of usage, like during important meetings or completing work deliverables. Consider all the formerly mentioned solutions and fix your laptop today!

Are you in need of professional computer repair in Greenwood? Consult with us at Finchum’s Computer Services. Our experienced IT specialists are committed to providing you with cost-effective repairs and maintenance services to ensure that your computer keeps running smoothly. Contact us to have your frozen laptop screen repaired and find other solutions to upgrade your computer experience.


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