4 Upgrades That Will Make Your PC Like New Again

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Technology has evolved over the years at a whirlwind pace, which means it’s now more affordable to get a fast, well-performing computer. There’s also no reason to upgrade your PC every year since specs improve by margins, so you can hang on to it for several more years, unlike a decade or so ago. However, when it starts to slow down and run into numerous errors, you may be thinking that it’s finally time to retire your old faithful and start saving up for a shiny new computer.

Fortunately, there’s no need to shell out for an entirely new system. If it takes forever to boot up or crashes when you load intensive programs like Blender or Final Cut Pro, you may want to consider upgrading your hardware instead. 

Here are four upgrades that will accelerate your PC’s performance and make it like new again:


Beefing up your PC with more memory is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to speed it up. You can do it on nearly any computer, and you can even install it yourself, although it’s best to contact a computer repair service if you don’t feel confident enough. 

Buying new RAM instantly boosts your PC’s performance, which means you can finally say goodbye to slow-loading programs. If you’re a heavy user of video editing and gaming programs, buying more RAM will make everything load much faster. Even if you’re just a casual user, having extra RAM on hand will allow you to run more apps in the background or keep fifty more tabs open. If you’re hoping to upgrade your PC, focusing on RAM is the best way to start! 

Heavy users should look at 16GB or more for best results, while serial multi-taskers should upgrade their RAM to 8 GB.

Graphics Card

Meanwhile, if you’re a dedicated gamer, 3D modeler, or 3D animator, you’ll need to upgrade your graphics card. Many PC manufacturers glaze over graphics to save costs while presenting a fairly powerful product, which means they favor integrated graphics cards rather than dedicated ones. Most users do just fine with modern integrated graphics cards, but it’s best to upgrade it if you do more intensive work. 

Storage Drive

If you find yourself frequently having to comb through your files and delete them to free up more space, then you’ll benefit from a faster, larger storage drive. Not only will you have more room to store your files, but you’ll also have a faster-running PC.

It’s best to switch to a solid-state drive or SSD, which uses flash memory instead of the mechanical spinning disk you may be using right now. They work much faster, impacting your entire PC. That means you’ll enjoy speedier boot times, faster program loading, and much more.


Lastly, you’ll want to upgrade your PC’s processor, although this is easily the most advanced upgrade on this list. You’ll need more technical know-how to install it, so it’s best to leave it to computer repairs in Indianapolis. It’s also the most expensive upgrade, so you’ll want to research carefully before taking the plunge, as you’ll also have to consider compatibility. 

It’s important to note that processors are worth upgrading only if you’re eyeing a significant one, like leaping to an i7 processor from an i5. Experts recommend not pursuing a new processor only because it has a faster clock speed, as you’ll have to look at several other factors. Still, upgrading your PC’s processor can deliver the performance you need out of it as long as you choose it carefully.


When your computer starts giving you a headache because of slow loading times and crashes, these upgrades are sure to speed things up. Simply upgrading your RAM or SSD is sometimes enough to kick things into high gear, giving you the response times you need without having to buy an entirely new system!

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