5 Simple Solutions to Common Issues MacBook Users Encounter

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MacBook owners can all agree that having a Macbook brings about a lot of convenience when it comes to PCs. MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro all have a simple interface that new users can easily navigate. 

However, Apple’s laptops can be prone to specific problems. Some are related to the MacOS, while others are related to the hardware. As professional consultations and repairs at the Apple Store can be a little pricey, we’ve prepared some answers to the most common problems you may come across. 

1. What Should I Do If My MacBook Keeps Dying?

Plug in your MacBook to check if it’s charging. If the indicator shows that it’s charging, the issue may be the operating system rather than the battery.

If your Mac dies, press the power button and give it time to turn back on. When the MacOS loads, click restart on your computer. After enabling your MacBook to have a complete shutdown, reset your System Management Controller (SMC). 

2. What Should I Do If My MacBook Won’t Charge?

Inspect your outlet, charger, and cable as they may be the source of the problem. It would be ideal for plugging in your Mac using another charger to deduce the problem.

If the issue is with your MacBook, restart the system and reset the SMC. If it still won’t charge, click the battery icon while simultaneously pressing down the Option key on your keypad. Click Advanced options in the menu and search battery to help with what you should do next.

3. Why Is My Macbook Startup Only Showing a Blank Screen?

You can usually tell what problem you’re undergoing by the color of the blank screen. A black or blue screen means a dysfunctional app or login function is preventing the Mac from processing. A gray screen means Mac’s software isn’t working correctly.

Fix the blank screen by manually restarting your Mac and holding the power button. The initial restart will allow you to access the desktop and remove any programs that were causing the blank screen. Allow Safe Mode on your Macbook to avoid further problems while resolving the issue and cleaning up your storage.

4. Why Is My Macbook’s Camera Quality legal fluoxymesterone in usa for sale in uk on FaceTime Bad?

Many have been complaining about how their camera was being very grainy when FaceTiming with friends and family. This issue was later identified and narrowed down among MacBook Air units. 

FaceTime’s program may be running through some difficulties, but try checking if the camera quality is stagnant with other video communication programs. If the camera is faulty with FaceTime and not with other apps, await further MacOS updates to fix the problem.

5. Why Can’t I Connect Any External Devices To My Macbook?

Examine if your external devices are connecting with other computers to ensure that they aren’t defective. There are online resources available for you to check if your device and Macbook’s USB ports are compatible.

If sources say they are, try giving PRAMN/VRAM and SMC another reset. In case it still isn’t working, it’s safe to say that your system isn’t glitching and that you may be facing a damaged hardware issue.


The solutions we’ve mentioned are easier said than done, and it’s always best to consult a professional when it comes to issues with your electronics. If your MacBook is experiencing issues and you’re unsure how to deal with them, find an expert to do the repair.

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