5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Laptop

tips for taking care laptop

For a lot of people living in Greenwood, IN, the most popular type of computing device owned and used is the laptop. It’s got a bigger screen for better imagery, a larger keyboard for typing, and, excepting taking photos and videos, does everything a smartphone can do, but better.

However, the portability of the laptop also means that it’s exposed to many other circumstances a normal desktop wouldn’t worry about. That’s why, if you want to keep your laptop in good working condition, it’s important to follow these five care tips.

Magnetic Field Interference

Laptops, like most electronics, are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields. It’s the reason why one way to damage the information on a hard drive is by wiping a magnet over the drive in question. Most electronics generate some electromagnetic field of varying intensity, and that can become an issue for something as mobile as a laptop.

Try to keep your laptop from making direct contact with anything that can generate an EM field. Your phone, for example, is not something you should place directly on top of a laptop. Refrigerators with wireless capability as well as TVs and even large speakers anavar australia are other things you should try to avoid making direct contact with.

Maintain Ventilation

All electronics get hot, but laptops can get very hot, and don’t have the same legion of fans and other cooling agents that desktop computers enjoy. Always keep ventilation into account with your laptop, and avoid placing on it non-flat surfaces like blankets and pillows, which block ventilation and rapidly overheat the laptop.

Take Temperature Into Account

Laptops, like all electronics, do not react well to extreme changes in temperature. So, for example, if you’ve been out during a very cold winter’s day, then come in, if possible, don’t turn on your laptop right away. Instead, let it match the room temperature before you turn it on to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Keep Security Tight

If your laptop’s OS system includes biometric ID systems, such as facial recognition or fingerprints, use these. Otherwise, enact a good, difficult to decipher the password. The portability of a laptop and the high value of these items make them popular for theft. Good ID systems, however, will keep thieves out of your data so that they can’t be exploited as well.

Keep The Lid Shut

When not using the laptop, or even just stepping away for a few minutes, shut the lid of the laptop. This protects both the screen and the keyboard, as well as making it less prominent to people looking for something easy to steal. This also prevents the laptop from stray accidents, such as people spilling drinks in a café or walking carelessly by and letting a bag hit the screen, thus knocking it off the table. Laptops can get into many accidents, but with care, you minimize the risk.

But if you’re thinking of repairing your laptop in Greenwood, IN, or you want help with maintaining your current model, we can help. Contact Finchum’s Computer Services, and we take a look at your laptop and see what we can do to get it up and running.


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