5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Computer

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Computers are something that most of us living in Greenwood, IN use for work and play. They’re no longer just specialized machines only good for calculating astrophysics problems. Today’s computers let us communicate, watch videos, consult search engines, and play games. But whether you’re using a desktop or a laptop unit, you’ve still got to take care of your hardware, and here some basic tips you should follow to get more reliability out of your machine.

Always Install Anti-Virus Software

In the same way that an unattended home is an invitation to thieves, the same is true with an unprotected computer. Today’s computer viruses can do everything from turning your computer into an unsuspecting “slave” for performing someone else’s computations to having your control and your data took away from you unless you pay up a ransom!

Always install some anti-virus system and make sure it’s protecting you and your computer.

Update Your Software

Another great tip for a computer is to make sure your operating system and all the software you frequently use is updated to the latest version. This ensures that your computer is operating at maximum efficiency, but it can also plug security “holes” or other exploits that older versions of software may leave you vulnerable to. Don’t take the chance; make sure you check to see if your software is running on the latest version.

Use A Surge Protector

If you’re using a desktop computer, this means that it’s plugged into a wall socket for electrical power. However, that electricity, while constant, isn’t always safe. Storms and even activities in the building such as too many electrical devices running at the same time can cause power surges that may damage your computer and the data inside. A surge protector is the first line of defense in protecting your computer from this.

Run Maintenance Programs

You can either do this manually, or schedule your computer to do this automatically, but you can keep your performance up if you run regular maintenance programs on your desktop or laptop. These programs will do good “housekeeping” duties like defragmenting your hard drive to ensure everything is efficiently stored, or cleaning up your registry, to make sure no redundant files are stored.

Maintain A Firewall

Anti-virus systems protect your computer itself from invasion, but a firewall is an extra line of defense for your entire network. With firewall protection, attempts to spy or seize control of your system from the outside, with Internet predators, is drastically reduced. This doesn’t protect you from interior threats, such as people mailing you viruses via email that trick you into opening them, but it’s still a good way to protect your entire network—and the machines connected to it—from easy invasion.

If you’re looking to get a new computer system in Greenwood, IN, or you want help with current one, either as a fix or an upgrade, we can help. Contact Finchum’s Computer Services, and we can walk you through all the steps for a newer, safer computer system.


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