Building A More Efficient And Secure Workplace


When you think of steps that you can take to improve your Greenwood business’ future, what comes to mind? One thing that you’ll want to pay attention to that is often ignored is investing in the right workplace PCs.

A recent study found that only 18% of customers stated that BYOD was the main priority – but double that number said information security initiatives were their top priority. What does this mean? That businesses care about security, but overlook an option that can help increase security dramatically.

PCs And Your Workplace

The right PC matters in a big way. Your Greenwood business is only as strong as its weakest link, and as such you’ll need to look beyond just consumer or BYOD solutions and focus on true business PC solutions as well.

Today’s business PCs offer numerous tools and features including:

  • – Multi factor authentication

  • – Smart card readers

  • – Biometrics

  • – Remote management capabilities

  • – Virus remediation

  • – Digital fencing

  • – Secure managed containers

  • – System updates

  • – Asset identification and retrieval

  • – Malware protection

  • – And more

Investing in the right kind of PCs not only gets you the hardware that your business needs – it also gets you the software platforms that can drive your company into the future in a huge way.

The Right Platform

Simply put, the right kind of secure platform for operations can do much more than just keep a Greenwood business running smoothly. They can also help avoid major problems and keep your business working at its best without being compromised in the least. This can include risks such as:

  • – Malware targeting the entire system

  • – Hackers trying to access sensitive data

  • – Dishonest employees committing cyber crimes

  • – Viruses and spyware slowing down your system

  • – And more

Simply put, investing in modern PCs with Intel vPro technology could be one of the best solutions for your business needs. Not only will they deliver touch computing to streamline and simplify all of your workplace tasks, but they can also include additional productivity enhancements to help you get more from all of your work – and wireless docking can help your employees avoid the connecting and reconnecting of their peripherals.

Add to this the fact that modern workplace PCs with this infrastructure will be able to keep your data and your entire system more secure than ever before, and it’s clear that Greenwood business owners need to give these tools a closer look.

The Bottom Line

Your business matters to you, and it’s likely that you’ve already spent time and effort on making sure that it is all it can be. But you’ll need to go further than you might think if you want the absolute best options available. By investing in high quality business PCs, you’ll be able to not only make your workplace more secure from cybercrime, but also help it and your employees be more efficient than ever before.

If you’re ready to take your company to the next level, you owe it to yourself to look into these new modern systems and what they can provide to you.


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