Computer Maintenance: Disinfecting Your Laptop—A Guide

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In today’s age, computers—particularly laptops—have become some of the most important devices that we use on a daily basis. A laptop is the common go-to device for entertainment, working, studying, and even research, which inadvertently causes it to see a lot of use and mileage each day.

With so many people forced to work from home or settle into remote roles, the protection and maintenance of our mobile working devices have become even more of a priority. In fact, one of the most basic maintenance procedures for our laptops is often the most forgotten: laptop cleaning.

Why should I clean my laptop?

Your laptop is used on a near-daily basis, with you spending copious amounts of time touching the keyboard and trackpad. You hold your laptop all across the body, lugging it around, and placing it on various surfaces, unknowingly spreading copious amounts of germs and bacteria all across your precious device.

Your hands are some of the biggest transporters of germs and bacteria, which is why cleaning your laptop can literally help your overall health. Furthermore, the oils from your fingers, as well as food residue, can inadvertently wear your laptop down and eventually require the need for a computer repair service to handle the job.

How do I clean and disinfect my laptop?

By undergoing regular cleaning, you get to maintain and ensure that it won’t break. To help you in that regard, here is a simple guide on how to clean and disinfect each part of your laptop. Before you begin, however, make sure to remove all attachments, unplug your device, and turn it off to keep yourself safe.

The Keyboard and Crevices

The first order of business is to use a can of compressed air to clean out the crevices and your keyboard from any debris or food residue. A build-up of leftover food can introduce ants to your computer’s inner workings—possibly eating away and causing permanent damage. You may need to pop open some keys to fully clean the inside.

The Body

A simple wipe down can clear the entire body of your laptop from residue oil and germs. Simply spray some alcohol—70% isopropyl alcohol works best—on a lint-free cloth and use it to wipe every inch of your laptop. 

Do NOT spray alcohol or water on your device—this is incredibly dangerous for your device. Also, avoid using tap or mineral water for this task, as it can cause mineral spots that are a pain to remedy.

The Screen

Your laptop screen can have numerous smudges and dust, which is why wiping it down is also necessary. Make sure, however, to use a microfiber cloth—any other cloth can cause scratches to your screen. Make sure to gently wipe the surface, as adding some pressure can cause damage to your laptop.


Cleaning your laptop regularly isn’t just to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading, but it’s also a valuable maintenance procedure that can prevent the need for a computer repair service. When cleaning, make sure not to apply too much pressure while handling your device—it can still break, ultimately resulting in the repairs you were trying to avoid.

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