Using a PC in 2022: 4 Habits You Need to Change This Year

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A computer is a convenient and engaging thing to have these days. Whether you’re a laptop or desktop user, having a computer can truly make life so much easier. That said, it is still a machine that needs to be maintained for it to work properly.

Too often, people continue to have bad habits when using their PC because they don’t think it’s a big deal. However, this all goes up in flames when they suddenly need computer repairs. Make sure you greet the new year with better PC habits and avoid these go-to computer misdemeanors.

Doing Force Shutdowns

If you unplug your computer or hold down the power button until it shuts off, then you’re actually forcing a shutdown. This doesn’t give your computer’s components enough time to power off properly. Instead of closing operations sequentially and allowing each part to slow down until it stops, you are essentially cutting into the system and just making everything grind to a halt. 

This will wear down your motherboard, do damage to your PC components, and even put your hard drive at risk of failure.

Unless necessary, shut the device down properly by just clicking the option in your system that says “shut off.” It doesn’t take that much more time, and it will help your PC’s lifespan.

Using the Same Password for Everything

Cybersecurity is as important as ever, especially as hackers and viruses become more complex. It’s natural to think why having one password is preferable—it’s a lot easier to remember, it’s simple to type in, and it saves time. The problem with using the same password is that it can put your information at risk. Using the same password for everything means that if someone manages to get a hold of your account credentials, they can get into other accounts.

Make sure you have different hard-to-guess passwords for each account that include different unique characters and cases. If you need an easier way to store multiple passwords for many profiles, use a reliable digital password manager.

Not Cleaning Your PC

You touch your PC often, so it’s important to clean it regularly for hygienic purposes alone. On top of that, though, is the need for maintaining its performance. If your computer is too dirty, it can slow down. As the build-up of debris and dust gets in the way of airflow and circuitry, your computer will start to strain itself more and suffer a blow to general performance.

If you are on a laptop, just make sure you wipe it down and clear the air vents consistently. If you use a desktop computer, you can’t just clean the peripherals and the exterior of the case. You need to open up your chassis now and then and clean the inside of built-up dust.

Skipping Updates and Software Clean-Up

A cluttered PC is a slow one. Add outdated software, and you are simply making your computer a minefield for viruses and vulnerabilities. Make sure you install updates even if you have a lot of other things to do. At the same time, you should do regular cleanups to get rid of old files, duplicates, and junk to preserve optimal performance on your system.


If you abide by basic computer hardware maintenance rules, you can make your system last longer and face much fewer problems along the way. The effort that goes into keeping your PC well-maintained is well worth it compared to the expenses and headaches that you may face with a messed-up rig.

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