Has Your Computer Crashed: Here Are the Steps You Should Take

Blue screen of death

Most work today involves computers, and some people cannot function or do their jobs without one. Important files and information are found on a computer, which is why a sudden crash can give anyone unprepared an instant panic attack.

What should you do during these unexpected scenarios, and how can you prevent them? Here are the tips you should know.

What to Do When Your Computer Crashes

Step 1: Keep Yourself Calm

Feeling angry or frustrated will not help your computer recover, so stay calm and breathe. This situation is always unexpected, but reacting poorly will not help address it. You need to have the utmost focus and clarity when dealing with bothersome problems like this.

Step 2: Try Any of the Following

Now that you are relaxed, here are a few things you can try to get your computer working again.

  • Undo what you did last – Sometimes, you can simply “undo” the last activity you did, and your computer will return to normal. 
  • Restore your computer – Some computers have a feature that will allow you to reset your computer to a specific time. You can try and restore it back to the state before the crash happened. 

Do whatever your computer allows you to do from this list of options. However, if you see a blue screen or there are no other ways to get into any programs on your computer, bring it to a technician as quickly as you can.

Step 3: Bring Your Computer to an Expert

There are services nowadays that will help you recover the data you may have lost from the unexpected crash. Computer services also include computer repair and virus mitigation. Just make sure to bring it to a reputable repair shop to ensure your computer is in good hands. 

Your Best Protection: Preparation

While there are fixes that can save your computer when it crashes, you can avoid all the expenses and headaches by ensuring that your computer is well-protected. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Always back up your files – Schedule a routine backup to avoid losing essential data. This step ensures that you have all the documents you need in a safe space if your computer crashes. There are many ways you can back up your files. You can keep them in external storage or store them online. This is the fastest and best way you can restore your files on your computer. 

Using web-based services can also make everything easier for you. When your computer crashes, all your files will still be available on your web program, and you do not have to deal with complicated recovery processes.

  • Have a backup computer if possible – Repair sessions will leave you without a computer to work on for several days. If you have a backup laptop with your files, you can resume work whenever you want. 
  • Save a copy of your essential software serial numbers – This step is crucial, especially when you have no choice but to reinstall lost programs. When backing up your computer software, make sure to have the following:

    • A copy of the installed version 
    • The serial number
    • The email address you used to activate your previous software

You will need all this information when recovery is not possible and reinstalling the program is your only option.


The great thing about technological advancement is it allows you to recover from unexpected instances like a computer crash. However, if you do not want to experience the same panic and stress, consider protecting yourself and your computer from such situations. Follow our tips, and you should be ready for any emergency.

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