Home Security For The New Year

Home Security For The New Year

The start of the year often begins with resolutions to set the right direction. Fix-ups and tune-ups to your computer should also be part of your annual routine to kick off the year right.

If you are the type to spend a good amount of time and resources on your laptop or PC, your productivity for the year should be paramount. Your device, together with the hardware and apps, can stand between double the production and double the lag time. Here are the top three things you must first do for your laptops and devices before the first month of the year ends.

Refresh Your Passwords

Whether it is for work or for personal files, a lot of the documents are already online. A lot of the apps can be downloaded on your desktop or laptops, so it can become complicated if your device can be accessed by others.

Treat this new year as a new start—a simple way to do this is to come up with new passwords across all your devices. It goes without saying that you need to remember these passwords or jot them down somewhere else outside your device.

You can also opt for password managers. This works perfectly for those who have multiple accounts or multiple social media networks and channels. Even those who already have this system in place may evaluate their current status.  Experts suggests updating passwords and adding a two-factor authentication, just to make accounts more secure.

Test Back Up Files, Clear the Cache

By now, almost everyone backs up their files in some place. It could be the cloud or an external hard drive. Whichever your preferred storage space, start off the year by testing those backups. It’s common to assume that your backups are in tip-top shape—until you get around to accessing them and realizing that some have become corrupted or overwritten.

Check your account on the cloud if it is still active or in need of renewal. Change the password for double protection.

At the same time, don’t forget to clear the cache for your device. Caches can make accessing certain websites and pages easier, but if you have an entire year’s worth of cache sitting in the laptop, it will count towards slowing down your device.

Conduct a Routine Hardware Check

Find a professional computer repair service in Greenwood that offers a comprehensive routine hardware check. While it’s tempting to think that you can do the routine check by yourself, this is a job best left to the pros.

For the most part, routine checkups are all about ensuring that everything is running smoothly. Part of it is running diagnostics on all the other things that can go wrong—and figuring out if your computer or laptop is not yet in any critical state.

Computer professionals in Greenwood will also provide a diagnosis and other potential treatments that your computer may need to mitigate any pending damage. Prevention will always be better than a cure–and you would not want to wait until your hardware starts failing all because you skipped on a much-needed repair service.

Finchum’s Computer Services offers comprehensive routine checks and diagnoses in Greenwood. From computer repairs and maintenance to upgrades, the expert technicians at Finchum’s Computer Services understand your computer’s needs to protect it from any potential damage.


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