How Hackers Are Taking Advantage of COVID-19

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Major world events are perfect opportunities for hackers to take advantage of because of the surge in online activity that follows such incidents. They prey on news outlets that draw the attention of internet users around the world, leveraging online traffic to design attacks against businesses that are none the wiser! 

In that vein, COVID-19 saw an increase in cyberattacks on various targets, mostly by tricking people into running malicious software. With so much fear caused by the virus, it’s no wonder people are falling for malicious emails and posts circulating with claims of offering aid during the COVID-19 crisis!

With so many people left vulnerable to virus attacks, phishing scams, and hacking, there’s a great need for cybersecurity measures and, in some cases, computer repair services that can salvage damaged laptops and PCs. Here’s how you can protect yourself from hackers taking advantage of COVID-19 for their personal gain. 

Types of Hacking Attacks

Hacking involves activities that compromise various digital devices, including smartphones, computers, tablets, and even entire networks. With the pandemic forcing people to work remotely, the chances of hacking personal computers are greater, and these ill-willed people remain confident enough to target enterprise-level networks as well. 

These are several examples of hacking attacks that cybercriminals may employ to gain access to your networks and devices:

  • Keylogger

Recording the keystroke order from your keyboard can tell hackers all they need to know about your usernames and passwords. Using a simple software program, they can easily access your bank accounts or network login credentials. 

  • Viruses

Viruses are perhaps the most well-known type of malware out there, and it has been used by hackers for decades. Trojans and other viruses sit inside your devices and funnel sensitive data back to the hacker. 

Viruses can infiltrate your devices via unknown links or file attachments and cause lockouts and crashes. They can also spread from computer to computer through emails and networks. The only way to fix this is to find computer IT services near you with experience in dealing with viruses. 

  • Fake WAP

Wireless access points are dangerous because people are generally trusting of public WiFi hotspots. However, these access points can be named anything and disguise themselves as legitimate services. Connecting to a hacker’s WAP can give them full access to your device. 

  • Bait and Switch

Hackers can purchase ads on websites that redirect users to malicious websites that can install malware in devices and browsers in a matter of minutes.

  • Clickjacking Attacks

Hiding links under another link can redirect internet users to websites that hackers use to gain additional advertising or access to personal information. 

Protecting Yourself From Hackers

Protecting yourself and your vital information is essential to prevent hackers from gaining access to your data and leading to severe consequences. Here are some key points to remember when browsing the web: 

  • The government will never ask you to pay anything to get a certain amount of money.
  • Beware of sites or supposed authority figures who ask for your Social Security number, credit card, or bank account numbers.
  • Anybody who claims they can get you money immediately is most likely a scammer.


Ensuring your personal safety and your business’s security will continue to be a top priority as your staff continues to work from home. The security systems provided by your organization’s IT infrastructure will need to adjust for remote work, which will require a level of vigilance on each employee’s part to ensure that they are familiar with the threats listed above and how to report such issues. Relying on PC repairs near you can also provide an additional safety net in case your devices are compromised, ensuring that you can get them up and running safely without losing precious information. 

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