How to Prevent Viruses From Infecting Your Computer

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In today’s modern age, a lot is at stake if you are dealing with data leaks and viruses on your devices. Since mobile devices are becoming more powerful, and interconnectivity is becoming more widely accessible, people have become more dependent on technology.

They use mobile devices as an all-in-one device by using it to store personal messages, archive office files, and coordinate business transactions. This dependence on technology has made it critical to why you should be more careful about protecting your devices from viruses.

Knowing the sources of viruses

Your desktop or laptop can be infected with a virus due to several causes. Here are some ways that viruses can infiltrate your devices.

  • Confirming without reading: Some viruses manage to sneak their way inside your computer when you don’t understand the terms and conditions of plug-ins or updates. When installing a program to your computer, you’re often asked if you want to install additional programs or add-ons to your device. Make sure that you’re aware of what these add-ons do before you proceed because they may contain harmful viruses that you will unknowingly permit to be installed on your device.
  • Opening email attachments: One of the oldest and most common scams on the Internet is through e-mail attachments. Viruses can take the form of bot-generated email accounts that attract your attention by claiming that you’ve won a prize, such as an online lottery. Be careful in opening emails from people who aren’t in your contact list and be even more cautious when opening the attachments that these emails contain. If their file extension is a .exe file, you should think twice about opening it as it could contain spyware.
  • Pirating software and content: Many people illegally download apps and programs so that they won’t have to pay for in-app purchases or subscription fees. However, this method of procuring files can lead to costly repairs in dealing with a malware-infected device. Pirating illegal software is a common way of downloading malware into your computer. If you’re downloading music, movies, games, or software illegally, you’re prone to file hosting websites that contain malware infections.

Preventing your devices from being infected

Besides avoiding the items listed above, you’ll need to upgrade your security measures not only on your devices’ software but also with how you manage your devices. Here are some practices that you can learn to prevent viruses from infecting your devices:

  • Make sure that your anti-virus software is always updated so that your devices have the latest protection.
  • Avoid downloading illegal and pirated files and software. Viruses tend to be attached from other media, which allows them to spread from one place to another.
  • Be mindful of emails that ask for sensitive data, such as bank account numbers and personal information. These may be used to commit identity fraud in stealing your assets.
  • Contact a computer technician to install a DNS protection to safeguard your networks from spyware and web-based malware.


You should always be vigilant when it comes to how you use your gadgets, whether it’s in your online browsing habits or allowing suspicious hardware to connect to your devices. Countermeasures like data and server back-ups are used by cloud-based software to give extra protection on both personal and business profiles. However, the best way to deal with viruses is by preventing them from infecting your device in the first place.

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