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Computers are complex machines, and it doesn’t take much for them to experience problems.  Your computer can have trouble booting up, it can overheat frequently, it can experience a malware attack, or one of your peripherals can experience problems connecting.  Whether your computer is for personal use, work use, or both, a technical problem can make it impossible to access important documents, pictures, and all the other digital data that people rely on.

While some people can handle these computer issues themselves, many more turn to experts to help them diagnose and fix their electronic devices.  Some technical support companies will only talk to you over the phone or ask you to ship your machine to them to fix it, but in Greenwood, IN you can call a technical service that will come to your home or workplace and fix your electronics on-site.  These services may ask for a higher fee than the ones that work by phone and mail, but that extra cost is worth it for a number of reasons.


With a remote technical support service, you have to unplug your computer, box it up using insulation, drive it to a shipping service, pay for the shipping costs, and then wait several days or weeks for your machine to come back to you.  Local tech support comes to you, and your computer never has to leave the room you keep it in.  The support technician may have to come back on several days or take your computer apart depending on the problem, but this is still much more convenient than boxing your computer up and plugging everything back in yourself.

Less Downtime

Shipping your computer out and waiting for it to come back adds several days to your machine’s downtime even if the support center is relatively close by.  Even if the technical service center is in Greenwood, IN, you have to wait until their technicians can get to your ticket and then make time to pick it up once you’re done.  By having the technician come to you, you can continue to use your machine (if possible) up until they come and start using it immediately once they’re done.

Better Support

Sometimes the problem with a computer isn’t in the case but around it.  Maybe you stuck your case in a corner where it can’t get enough cool air for the fans to blow through, or maybe you need to dust your home so your computer’s filters won’t clog as clearly.  Sometimes people have wireless connection problems because their computer can’t find the wireless router.  Tech support can’t diagnose these problems by looking at your machine, but one who visits your home can easily spot the issues.

Local tech support may come with an extra cost, but that cost is worth it for the improved support and reduced downtime.  So if you live in Greenwood, IN, you should call Finchum’s Computer Service.  We fix computers both at our location and at yours, so if you’re experiencing technical troubles you should schedule a visit from us right away.


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