Reasons You Should Have a Password Manager


Identities are getting stolen, and information is getting hacked these days, and all this ultimately leads to getting our credit ruined and headache after headache as we try to pick up the pieces and clean up the mess caused by identity theft and our inability to succeed in technical proficiency.

To help protect ourselves and keep everything organized, it is recommended that we use a password manager. We have a few reasons below as to why it may be a good idea and why it is a functional decision.

More than Just Password Storage

Password managers can store a lot more than just passwords. They can also keep all your credit card info secure and can make online shopping easier and more secure as well. When we shop online, we are vulnerable to all kinds of hackers. Having a password manager, however, makes the process easier and more secure than ever.

Manage Your Shared Accounts

If you have a Netflix or Hulu account or you share accounts with your spouse or use a smart home security system, it is important that you both remember the passwords to these accounts otherwise when the passwords get reset, they get reset for everybody who shares those accounts which can definitely become quite the household inconvenience.

With a password manager, you can share your logins more securely and access your accounts more easily without having to have all your passwords written down somewhere.

Stop Caring So Much

Having to remember our passwords and info for all of our digital accounts can become challenging and even overwhelming at times. It is also incredibly frustrating when we can’t remember a password and have to go through all the hassles of changing it. You have to type in this information, go to this email to verify, then go back to this page, re-enter this information, what is this verification code, and so on.

If you utilize a password manager, you can save yourself from headaches while saving time. You no longer have to memorize a dozen different passwords for all your digital accounts and then stress when you forget one or five.

Technical Prowess

Yes, we are sure this isn’t the first time someone has told you how imperative it is that you get a password manager and we are also sure it isn’t going to be the last time. Instead of always having to be on the receiving end of this advice, use the password manager, see how great it is, and then you can be the one dishing out the advice.

You can show off your technical prowess and flex your digital know-how muscles and show your less proficient peers how it should be done. You laugh in the face of forgotten and lost passwords, and you instead bathe in the proficiency of your security.

For more information and benefits and why you should start using a password manager now, contact Finchum’s Computer Service in Greenwood, IN today.


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