Reasons You’re Getting the Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10

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Microsoft is known to frequently release Windows 10 updates to ensure that it stays compatible with new hardware and devices. However, when you force the update to run on your PC, you may experience some errors, such as the Blue Screen of Death. This usually happens during or after installing the update.

But what exactly is the Blue Screen of Death or BSOD?

A blue screen of death error tells you that Windows 10 has found a system error that could potentially damage or corrupt your computer’s operating system. Because of that, it forces your PC to shut down immediately.

When this happens, your screen will turn blue, and a sad face icon will pop out with the message, “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.” This means that it’ll need to collect more info before they do so. 

Seeing that this could be an alarming case for many, some PC owners will immediately take their devices to and purchase computer IT services to ensure that their PCs are safe and secure. This way, you’ll also understand what really went down during the update.

If you’re curious to know the different causes of BSOD, keep reading. Here are reasons your PC got the Blue Screen of Death:

Reason #1: Insufficient System Disk Space

Windows 10 often requires about two to 10GB of free space to function properly. When you install new software or run an update, the system may run into some files that may cause memory overflow, forcing your PC to experience an error. 

The best way to remedy this is by deleting temporary files or running a software cleaner to delete unnecessary files that may be clogging up your disk space. 

Reason #2: Outdated Drivers

Faulty device drivers are another reason behind the BSOD error, especially when they aren’t compatible with the new update. However, you can easily fix this by updating your system driver. 

All you need to do is click the ‘Windows’ icon, open the ‘Device Manager,’ and select which driver to update. Running a Windows update regularly will help keep your drivers up-to-date and avoid BSOD errors. 

Reason #3: Hard Disk Corruption

Error 0x4 can also happen due to a broken hard disk or RAM corruption. This means that your hard drive that contains an electro-mechanical device has sustained damage. 

The best way to deal with this is to verify the hardware corruption using an interface tool and a specific command. Besides that, cleaning the RAM and reinstalling it can also solve the problem. Ideally, it’s much better to leave this in the hands of computer IT services to ensure the proper steps are taken and avoid further damage.

The Bottom Line: It Pays to Know Why You Get the Blue Screen of Death

There’s no denying that the Blue Screen of Death can trigger fear in many PC users, but knowing the common causes and doing proper research can help you avoid this issue. If you find yourself experiencing this error, it’s best to take your PC to computer IT services and have it repaired professionally to avoid further errors. 

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