Rebooting Didn’t Help – Now What?


We all know about it, and some of us have even, unfortunately, have had to see it − the blue screen of death. It is definitely not something we want to have to face. When we see this, we immediately begin to think of what we have to do to fix the problem, so we don’t have to throw away our device.

Rebooting is always the first troubleshooting idea that comes to mind; however, when faced with this kind of technological mortality, is rebooting really going to be enough to dodge device death another day?

There are a few instances that warrant a call to Greenwood experts, and we will cover the blue screen of death and some others below.

Blue Screen of Death

Otherwise known as BSOD, this usually means that your system has encountered a very serious issue that often involves problems with pivotal components like the hardware or drivers. If you are aware of what is happening, you can take note of the Stop code that appears on the screen.

However, if you cannot contain yourself and remain calm in this hectic situation and you fail to record this code, it is best to take your computer to a tech who can run diagnostics to determine the exact cause of that blue screen.

Blank Monitors and Bad Graphics

When something goes wrong with the display, we also have cause for alarm. If you turn on your laptop or desktop to only be greeted by a blank monitor or jumbled graphics, then you may have a problem that needs to be dealt with.

First, try connecting your computer to another monitor to see if the problem is still there. If your new display is still blank and dark or complete with bad graphics, then the problem is going to lie in the computer itself. However, if the display works just fine, then the monitor is the problem.

When this happens, it is recommended that you consult with professional technicians that can help diagnose the exact problem while offering your advice and support on repairs that need to be done.

Troubleshooting Circles

You will quickly find that not every hardware problem is easy to pinpoint and target. You will find yourself running in troubleshooting circles trying to narrow down the problems with your computer or laptop. You can end up spending hours running these circles and still not be any closer to finding what the problem is.

Talk to the Experts

A lot of computer problems we run into can be handled with a ton of troubleshooting on our end as well as endless Google searches until we narrow down a few key problems and work on fixing those.

However, wouldn’t it be easier just to take your computer to a Greenwood professional technician that has all the necessary tools and diagnostic equipment they need to pinpoint the exact problem with your computer right away?

Once the problem has been found, the experts can then replace whatever hardware needs to be replaced, and you can be well on your way to enjoying your computer or laptop again.

So, if you don’t have a spare box of parts or a ton of time to spare on diagnosing your own computer, then take it to the professionals at Finchum’s Computer Service in Greenwood, IN.


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