Computer Safety: 5 Signs Your Mac Is Infected by a Virus


Since time immemorial, technological innovations have continued to make our lives easier. Of course, this won’t be possible without tech companies because they’re the brains behind these innovations. Among the many tech companies worldwide, Apple remains one of the best because of its commitment to delivering quality products. One perfect example of this is the Mac, which is Apple’s flagship computer product.

The Mac is noted for its design and efficiency, which has increased the productivity of workplaces everywhere. However, technology still has its faults, and the Mac is no exception. As with any other computer, it can still get viruses, significantly affecting its performance. Beyond that, viruses can render a computer useless, which wastes the investment. For this reason, Mac users should know the most common signs their computer is affected by a virus. These include:

#1 – Sudden Ads and Pop-Ups

If you have a pop-up window saying your computer is infected, you can be sure you’re the victim of a virus. You don’t want ads and pop-ups appearing on your Mac; they’re nothing but a nuisance. These ads and pop-ups are typically caused by malware, which affects your browser. Here are some pointers on how to get rid of these ads and pop-ups:

To get rid of ads and pop-ups on your Mac, check the settings on your browser. When you have ads and pop-ups appearing, your browser has been compromised. So, the first thing to do is change the settings on Safari, Chrome, or Firefox to block those ads and pop-ups.

#2 – The Mac Slows Down for No Apparent Reason

If your Mac slows down for no apparent reason, it may be because of a virus. A virus can cause slowness on a Mac, even if it’s already equipped with a top-of-the-line processor. This is because the virus can infect all areas of the computer, including the memory and the processor, which can slow it down. Take note that the performance of the virus can be unpredictable, which means it may not always slow down your Mac.

#3 – Files You Recently Made Are Missing

This is another sign that your Mac has a virus. Files you’ve made recently can disappear without you knowing, and no one can tell you why. Unfortunately, your Mac files can be deleted and might not be recovered. So, if you want to recover your Mac files and get rid of malware, be sure to bring it to a computer shop.

On a related note, missing files might mean your Mac has been hacked. It’s the same as computer hackers stealing your online accounts and using them for their own purposes.

#4 – Problems Installing Applications

Mac users can typically install most applications by simply dragging and dropping them on the computer. However, you might experience issues when installing new programs. One common problem is that application installation goes fine until you restart your computer. This problem typically appears during the installation of security applications, such as an anti-virus or two-factor authentication apps. Such applications can usually install without any issues, but when you restart the computer, the Mac may not be able to identify it.

#5 – Confirmation of Malware Scanner

Of course, the most obvious sign your Mac has a virus is if a malware scanner tells you that your Mac is indeed infected. However, it’s rare for a malware scanner to identify a virus this way. To check your Mac, you can try installing the tools of some well-known giants in the security industry. These include Symantec, Norton, McAfee, and Kaspersky, among many others.


While Mac products might seem the pinnacle of modern technology, they’re not perfect. You can still get viruses on a Mac, and the best thing to do is to be prepared to keep your computer safe and protected. Make sure you check for all the signs of a virus on your Mac and take action immediately.

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