5 Valuable Tips to Prevent Your Computer from Overheating


Nowadays, it’s hard to find a computer in any home because it makes people’s lives easier. Adults use them for work, while kids use them for school and playing video games. While highly intuitive, computers aren’t perfect, and they can also experience various problems. Computers face many issues, and overheating is among the worst of them.

An overheating computer is caused by the heat that smaller components generate. In particular, these parts are usually the CPU, graphics card (GPU), and the power supply unit. If not addressed swiftly, overheating can cause significant issues, such as unexpected shutdowns, hardware damage, and data loss. While overheating is a daunting thought, the good news is that there are ways for you to reduce the heat your computer generates. These include:

#1 – Give Your PC a Little Breathing Room

First and foremost, allowing airflow is the best way to avoid overheating. In other words, you should leave enough room between your computer and other items, such as a wall. Therefore, you shouldn’t place your PC on an overcrowded desk or anywhere where it’s physically confined.

Ideally, there should be a 2 to 3-inch wide space around your computer. You should focus on the backside and ensure nothing sits at the back to block air. To supplement cooling, you can also place an external computer fan to allow more airflow in the system.

#2 – Improve Your Cable Management

You might think that cables don’t significantly impact the temperature. On the contrary, they do. Too many cables can cause the ventilation to be blocked, resulting in your computer heating up. Therefore, you should remove excess cables and arrange them not to affect the airflow.

For example, make sure the cables are no closer than 2-3 inches to the power supply unit and not crossing. You can also purchase parts like the cable management arm to keep your cables organized.

#3 – Install More Case Fans

Case fans are an essential part of the cooling process. They are designed to push heat away from the computer’s vital components. It’s recommended that you install more case fans to ensure that your computer will run smoothly and safely.

Case fans are relatively cheap, with most of them going as high as $20 only. However, it’s worth noting that all computer cases have some kind of vents, and you can always put your own fans in them. You can also use side fans to ensure there’s ample air circulation.

#4 – Set Your Fan to High Speeds

Fans are no good if they’re slow, so you should switch them to High speed. This is the most effective way to prevent overheating. You can also install a cooler to ensure that your fans continuously run.

It’s also recommended that you turn off your computer when it’s not in use. This will ultimately save power and lower the heat that your computer generates. You should also avoid unplugging every cable because this will slow down your PC and result in a longer boot time.

#5 – Regularly Clean Your Computer

Dust is your computer’s worst enemy, and you should regularly clean it. If you don’t, the dust will prevent the airflow from the fan. The result is that the computer will be hotter than usual.

You can regularly clean the dust using compressed air. You should also remove dust from the inside and outside because it can enter from the ventilation holes. If all else fails, you can always hire a professional to clean your computer.

Final Thoughts

Overheating is a common occurrence on computers. However, you can stop your computer from overheating by following these tips. The main idea is to give your computer some breathing room and utilize fans. While we can’t prevent all cases of overheating, they will go a long way in ensuring that your PC will run smoothly.

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