4 Basic Ways How Your Web Design Affects SEO Rankings

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Web design isn’t just about aesthetics; it affects every aspect of your brand. To improve your company’s search engine optimization (SEO), you need a well-designed website that visitors can easily find.

SEO is greatly influenced by web design. To get as much out of your website investment, employ a design that appeals to people and search engine crawlers.

Here are four amazing facts your web design affects SEO rankings:

1. Web Design Helps You Rank on Search Engines

A well-designed, fast-loading website increases your SEO ranking significantly. 88.5 percent of website designers say that slow loading time is the top reason for high bounce rates, meaning visitors leave your website too quickly. 

Other factors that are addressed constantly by good web designers include non-responsive web design and poor navigation. This accounts for 61.5 to 73.1 percent of high bounce rates. When your website is designed to be mobile-friendly and responsive, you increase your visibility and engagements because most of your visitors access your site through their mobile phones. 

In fact, 67.1 percent of the global population are active mobile phone users (5.31 billion as of 2022). Your SEO ranking improves If you have a well-designed site that caters to a highly-mobile audience because search engines prioritize responsive and excellently structured websites.

2. Visual Appeal Helps in Lead Generation and Conversion

52 percent of users won’t return to a website because of its poor aesthetics. People spend more time on websites with high aesthetic appeal and are more likely to engage all things seemed to with a brand. Beautiful, eye-pleasing websites are also more likely to be shared across social media.

Your website’s visual appeal affects how people perceive your brand and if they should engage with you.

Customers demand a high-quality brand website as part of any effective digital marketing approach. In fact, 88 percent of surveyed B2B consumers report good quality information during a recent purchase. A current, useful, and visually pleasing website develops confidence with potential clients, affecting customer acquisition and conversion rates.

Thus, ensuring your website is appealing is crucial for lead generation and conversion. High-quality visuals that set your brand apart from the competition are a great way to get your site noticed.

3. Web Design Improves Customer Experience 

You can’t separate the user’s experience of your website from SEO. Well-designed websites engage, investigate, and connect with users. First impressions are crucial because they affect a brand’s bottom line and goals.

User experience (UX) is a significant investment for a brand since users desire an authentic and intuitive website that reflects its vision, perspective, and service level. This is why marketers need to conduct user testing and A/B testing to ensure their website’s success.

Providing a good customer experience through a user-friendly layout and excellent information architecture helps your website rank in search.

Good customer experience also increases social sharing, increasing clickthroughs to your website, thus affecting your SEO ranking.

4. Web Design Helps Crawlers Index Your Site

A visitor might get distracted by your beautiful design, but a search engine crawler has no such luxury. It automatically analyzes your site and extracts relevant information about your business.

Your website will never rank well in search if it is not optimized for search engines. Your website needs to be attractive and intuitive to visitors. Still, it also needs to be structured to make it easy for crawlers to index the site.

How you design your website also determines how search engines interpret your content. Your text should be easy to read and well-structured. Very long and detailed sentences are difficult to read and full of errors.


Web design affects your search ranking, and as a result, it affects your bottom line. A good designer will spend more time on the design than the programming. The most important thing is to work with a designer who understands how search engine algorithms work.

People will only keep coming back to your website if it’s easy to use. Whether you want to optimize your site for search engines or your visitors, a good web design makes it easier for you to do both.

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