What Is Causing My Laptop to Be So Noisy

why causing laptop noise

If you have a laptop, then you probably already know that the loudest part of your device is going to be its fan. The fan spins faster when there is more heat to dissipate. You will also find that some laptops are going to be louder than others.

However, if there is an increase in the noise coming from your laptop all of a sudden, then there might actually be something wrong with the hardware or maybe even a change in the software.

If your laptop is older, it may be overheating more than usual also. To avoid this, you need to clean the vents of the laptop on a regular basis. The fans may be spinning faster because of all the built-up dust.

You also shouldn’t use the laptop on any kind of soft surface because this can block the vents from doing their job. This can also cause the fan to spin at a much faster rate.

Let’s look at a few more possible causes of a noisy laptop.

Software Issues

Have you recently changed the operating system of the laptop or installed any software that is always running in the background? You may have an increased system load. When this happens, the laptop heats up more, which makes the fans switch on.

Pay closer attention to what you are doing the next time the fans start spinning loudly. Perhaps it is when you are playing a game, editing, or watching a video. See what is causing the fans to spin like that.

Hard Drive Failure

The loud noise your laptop emits may not even be the fans. It can actually be the hard drive. If you hear any kind of whirring, grinding or clicking sound where the hard drive is, then you need to back up your data right away.

Once these parts begin to fail, you will have a much louder hard drive, and you will most likely need to replace it.

How to Quiet Things Down

Once you determine it isn’t the hard drive making those noises, then you may find that a few simple repairs can reduce the noise. First, use compressed air to clean the vents thoroughly.

Next, when using the laptop, make sure the vents are not being blocked and are able to properly vent the laptop while it is in use.

If you feel it may be a software problem, try removing programs you aren’t using and disable any background processes there are. If you do these steps and find that the fans are still whirring loudly, you will want to make sure all the dust inside the laptop is cleaned out or review the warranty you have on your device. If your laptop is still under warranty, do not clean the inside of it out with compressed air. Instead, take it in to be repaired; otherwise, you may void the warranty.

For more information on what may be causing your laptop to be noisier than usual, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Finchum’s Computer Service in Greenwood, IN to see what can be done to repair your laptop.


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