What You Need to Know About Malware: Different Types, Explained

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For any computer or laptop owner, keeping your devices safe from dangerous viruses and malware should be one of your top priorities. Why? Because there are over 1,140 million pieces of malware circulating this year; that’s why it’s essential to be on your toes and stay alert to prevent this malicious software from entering your system. 

Like anything, the best way to deal with malware is by focusing on preventing them from entering your devices in the first place. Because when it reaches your hardware, you may deal with back-bending problems that could eventually add up and damage your whole computer. In some cases, computer repair services are an ideal fix, but if you can prevent them from happening altogether, then that’s one of the best things you can do. 

It pays to know the steps you should take to adequately protect yourself from malicious software. Read through the article and learn the different types of malware that could damage your hardware so that you know what you should avoid on the world wide web.


Trojan Horses

Possibly one of the most popular types of malware, a trojan is a file that disguises itself as something you can download, such as an email attachment or an app. Once you’ve downloaded the trojan, cybercriminals will have access to your data. Besides that, they can install even more malware on your computer, adding up to the existing damage. 

Additionally, trojan horses can also open the door of an infected computer, gaining access to your wireless network and destroying other devices connected to it. If a trojan horse is infecting your computer, you can still remedy the damage. 

Getting computer IT services can help remove the virus and get your computer back to its original state. 



A malicious software that tracks your internet history and influences the types of advertisements that pop up on your page is called adware. Basically, this malware helps make money for businesses by forcing you to see or click ads that pop up on your screen. 

Like other malware, adware can also disguise itself as a file you want to download and install on your computer. 



One of the most dangerous and malicious types of malware is ransomware. Ransomware stops you from being able to use your computer in exchange for an amount of money to pay, and that’s how it got its name. 

Over the years, ransomware has increased in numbers and usually targets professionals, government offices, and police departments—all of which hold sensitive private information. So if your company carries vital customer and business information, it’s crucial that you take the right steps to protect your computers. 



Spyware is a type of malicious software that hides in your computer, collects its data, and sends it right back to the developer. Besides your computer, it can also get into your phones; that’s why it’s crucial that you stay vigilant and never interact with individual applications. 



Malware worms are much more frustrating and disgusting than real worms. This is because it spreads itself by duplicating itself from different computers, spreading dangerously across various devices without needing to hide. 

Worms change, delete, and damage files in your computer and replicate themselves, causing other problems in your hardware and putting pressure on your RAM. 



Bot malware allows a hacker to take over your computer and control it from a distance. This virus is incredibly dangerous because it can take over your webcam, steal screenshots, launch cyberattacks, and spread other malware in different computers in your area. 

This type of virus is incredibly horrific, so it’s best to take the necessary steps to avoid dealing with this problem on your own devices. 


The Bottom Line: Protect Your Devices From Malicious Software and Keep Your Data Safe

Protecting yourself from malware is the best step to take to ensure your computer and data are away from danger. Thankfully, a bunch of reliable software is available for you to purchase that enhances your security and keeps your information private. Besides that, getting computer IT services to check on the state of your computer can help you prevent malware issues from occurring in the first place. 


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