When Should You Replace Your Computer?

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Our computers encounter problems during their lifespan, and usually, they can get resolved with a simple repair. Upgrades and repairs can carry your computer for a decent amount of years. But there comes a time when repairs no longer fix the problem, and a total replacement is necessary. 

At some point, it’s better to invest in a totally new computer rather than spending your money on continuing maintenance. When your computer slows down, it might be time to shell out some cash for something better.

But before you do, let’s evaluate whether what you really need is a replacement, or just an upgrade or a replacement. 

Identifying the Problem

The slowdown of your computer could be caused by one of its main components deteriorating. To make sure that you are spending your money wisely, first, you need to identify the source of the problem. 

First, you need to cross out the possibility that it’s a software issue. Run a virus or malware test to ensure that there are no infections in the background. You may also check programs’ resource usage. If one program seems to use up all the CPU or RAM, you can uninstall and replace it to speed things up. 

You may also check the operating system to determine that there is no corruption. However, if you haven’t reinstalled the operating system in five years, it might be time. If you can’t determine the issue’s source in just one program, the problem might be with your web browser. If that is the case, you need to upgrade your hardware. 

It’s also possible that one of your computer’s components is already failing. You can perform a hard drive test which will inform you how slow your read-write activities are. As you’re running through possible trouble sources, also check your RAM. Failing RAM is a common source of computer slowdowns. 

Once you’ve identified the problem to a specific component, you can determine the repair needed. 

Run the Numbers

Upgrading costs money, and some replacement parts are more deserving than others. For instance, upgrading to a solid-state drive or SSD is an excellent way to speed up your computer. In addition, you can also perform those upgrades yourself. 

On the other hand, upgrading the motherboard or the CPU isn’t advised since it only offers a minor speed bump. If the problem is with either your motherboard or CPU, it’s time to replace your computer. 

To identify whether an upgrade or a replacement is worth your money, you need to assess how much the upgrade will cost and compare that to your computer’s age. If the computer is around seven years old or more, requiring repair or upgrade that is a quarter of the cost of a new computer, then it’s better just to replace the computer with a new one. 


Some upgrades and repairs in computers are no longer worth the money, especially if the computer is already a couple of years old. When the computer is more than five years old and needs various component upgrades or repairs, it’s time to replace it with a totally new one.

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