Still Not Worried About Data Recovery? Here’s Why You Should

data recovery

All successful businesses know that if they want continuity in the company, they should always be able to retrieve data anytime they want and wherever they may be. 

Unfortunately, most decision-makers at small organizations and businesses tend to look the other way whenever the topic of discussion is data recovery or business continuity.

Even with news of small businesses going under because of natural calamities, fires, or other reasons, many still refuse to think about the possibility of the same thing happening to them. 

If you are among this group of people, here are five hard truths that you need to think about: 

1. You Need to Worry About Malware as Much as You Should Worry About Natural Calamities

Many people are convinced that natural calamities are the number one reason small businesses close down. 

However, you should know that the root of most small businesses going down usually involves malware. 

For example, it is a fact that a single cyber-attack would cost a small business more than natural calamities are ever going to cause. 

In fact, malware can cause so much damage to your business that you won’t be able to recover from it.

2. 80% of Businesses That Have Experienced a Major Disaster Are Out of Business Within Three Years

If your business has a major disaster, such as fire, and you don’t have a solid disaster recovery plan, you have only a 40 percent chance of surviving for the next three years. 

According to Disaster Recovery Preparedness, 80 percent of businesses that have experienced a major disaster are out of business within three years. 

Now, let’s imagine you’re among the 20 percent that has survived. Things will be better for you, but you will still have to pay thousands or even millions of dollars to get back up on your feet and running.

3. When Disaster Strikes, You Will Lose More than Money

If you are a business owner, you will experience more than just financial loss when disaster strikes. 

Statistics have shown that most business owners who experience a disaster never recover, and they feel so much stress that they end up taking their own lives.

And when disaster strikes, it can strike at any time of the year, even during holidays.

4. If You Don’t Have Backup, You Are a Liability

According to research, people who don’t have backup spend so much time manually recovering data that they lose whatever edge they might have had over their competitors.

In comparison, people who have backup spend very little time manually recovering data and instead spend more time focusing on their business.

The moral of the story is, if you don’t have a backup, you are a liability.

5. A Backup Strategy Will Help Prevent a Disaster

Your business can be destroyed in a matter of minutes due to malware. And if this happens, you will have to spend just as much time—if not more—trying to get back on your feet.

The best way to prevent this is to have a solid backup strategy. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a backup solution, though; you can get a solid backup strategy from your current cloud storage provider.


Disasters can strike at any time. You never know when disaster will strike, but you can be sure that it will, sooner or later. Those who come out of disasters stronger are those who are equipped with a good disaster recovery plan. If you are among the majority of people who don’t have a data recovery plan, you should start working on it now.

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