3 Data Recovery Practices Remote Workers Should Know

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The global pandemic has forced many workers like you to switch to remote work or work-from-home settings. Arguably, most have become more productive because of this change since people have full control of their time, can accomplish tasks from the comforts of their respective homes, and may even be under fewer distractions since they can focus more on the screens in front of them. Unfortunately, most work situations like this are prone to trouble because of data loss and recovery issues. 

Nowadays, all your work files are in one computer, meaning if they are accidentally deleted, they can be impossible to access, and you would fail to complete remote office tasks. As a result, your superiors can question employee performance and your competency to adapt to this new normal. The good news is there are data recovery solutions available for your convenience and relief. Simply put the following best practices to work immediately and avoid data-based mishaps: 

Upload and update office files with cloud storage 

Remember, prevention is better than cure. In other words, it would be best to foresee possible office data loss by having a backup plan. The best way to do so is to utilize cloud storage space, like Google Drive and OneDrive. 

Since you upload the files on the Internet, they are there for easy access in case something happens. Simple re-download them on your computer and use them! Just note that the files you upload are not the latest version of your work, meaning this solution may prevent you from accessing the complete office file. 

Thus, make it a habit to always save the last version of your work on the cloud, delete the old ones, and devise an organized file system for easy accessing. Most importantly, never give your passwords to strangers and bolster your cybersecurity online to avoid any cloud-related issues. 

Never opt for DIY computer repair 

Since most modern-day work is done on the PC or laptop, it may be tempting to do the repairs yourself by simply googling “How to recover data from a hard drive,” following the instructions, and doing it to save time and money. However, this is a grave mistake because it can put your other files in danger, leading you to spend more on expensive data recovery services with only a slim chance of getting the files back. Therefore, the risks definitely outweigh the rewards. 

Remember, whether it is a simple data recovery issue or any other computer repair dilemma, it is always far better to get them fixed by professionals. They can provide after-repair support, upgrades, and other interventions to improve your remote work capabilities. This way, you can protect your office files while nothing gets in the way of you completing your deliverables. 

Don’t risk accessing faulty hard drives

As you may already know, external hard drives and data recovery often go hand in hand because it is the backup solution of choice for many individuals, especially employees. It is because they can easily carry around a huge amount of data by connecting the hard drive to the computer. It is user-friendly, and some PCs can do anti-virus checks to ensure there are no cyber threats, like trojan horses or computer worms. 

The problem is you may have a faulty hard drive in your possession due to natural wear and tear. It would be preferable to have the device checked out by a data recovery specialist to prevent the drive from destroying your PC since it may have corrupted files, which can affect your device. Thus, as a matter of principle, never risk opening hard drives with errors. 


Data recovery is an essential part of responsible computer use, especially for remote workers because they risk losing their means of livelihood and valuable work projects. Therefore, do what you can to preserve your data by remembering the best practices mentioned above. Meanwhile, if you are currently undergoing a computer issue right now or want to protect your work, get in touch with experts like us. 

Finchum Fixes It is your source to the best data recovery services in Greenwood, providing reliable solutions to protect valuable files and retrieve lost data. Our team of computer repair specialists can also service your work PC or laptop, ensuring other performance issues and safety risks are accounted for. Contact us today at 317-847-3279 or fill out the message form to address the problems right away! 


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