3 Reasons Choose Professional Hard Drive Data Recovery Instead Of DIY

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One of the biggest fears of any hard drive owner is losing all the data stored inside. 

Hard drives are storage devices used to store important files. While they are often used to protect and back up all the information you treasure, hard drives aren’t foolproof. Sometimes, wrong handling or other circumstances can lead to a corrupted, damaged, or deleted drive.

The good news is that data recovery exists and can help you retrieve your files. If you conducted a quick Google search, you’ve probably found several DIY methods of data recovery and been tempted to give them a try. 

While a DIY recovery could save you money (if it even works), it doesn’t always guarantee best results. In this article, we’ll discuss why.

Here are three reasons you need to go to a trusted and experienced IT and computer expert instead of trying to recover your files yourself: 

 1. You may only make things worse

Data recovery software is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be used by just anyone. Improper use could potentially result in more damage to your hard drive.

For you to better understand the magnitude of the situation, here’s an overview of how recovery software works:

  • When data gets deleted from your drive, your OS (Operating System) automatically writes over the file.
  • Data recovery software is powerful enough to read through and even extract this empty file. 
  • If the data recovery software is used in a hard drive that has underlying problems, it can permanently push back all the data instead of recovering it.

To ensure your data is retrieved safely, it’s wise to leave the job to the experts. If more damage is done to your device, it will be more difficult for them to retrieve your files.  

2. Hard drives contain hazardous elements

Some people attempt to physically deconstruct their hard drives to figure out what went wrong. While it may look like an exciting way to test your hand-eye coordination, it is not a safe and reliable way to retrieve your data. 

Just look up videos of hardware production facilities and you’ll notice that all personnel involved in the process wear protective suits. This outfit protects them from all the harmful chemicals your drive and devices have.

If you don’t have this protection at home, do not attempt to open up your drive. Simply breathing next to it can bring harm to your health. Moreover, dust and debris can settle inside of your drive and cause even more damage. Leave the job to the experts.

3. DIY recovery can potentially cost you more

Hard drives don’t just accidentally delete your files. When something happens to them, it’s a hardware problem. A mechanical issue is usually one of the following:

  • The read arm no longer moves back and forth
  • The platters have started spinning

When a mechanical error occurs, it can disrupt the function of the magnetic layer inside resulting in the destruction of a million more memory cells. 

You may successfully manage to recover your files with a DIY method. However, if any of these mechanical failures aren’t addressed, you could be dealing with more issues down the line. Your DIY fix will also make the second recovery more difficult, which will only cost you more in the long run. 


If you find any corrupted files in your drive, do not attempt to do a DIY recovery. It can only make things worse. The best option you have is to seek the help of the professional. It can save you more time and guarantee good results while keeping you from stress and worry.

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