3 Sounds Telling You To Have Your Computer Repaired – What to Know

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Keeping your desktop computer or laptop in top condition is always a necessity, especially in today’s age. To a person who only has limited knowledge of computers, the most immediate signs to call a computer repair service would be if the screen isn’t showing the right things or if it’s already smoking up—usually meaning it’s already too late.

While these are definitely the most obvious signs that it needs repair, paying attention to the sounds your computer makes is another easy way to determine its need for maintenance. By paying attention to sounds, you can stay ahead of the problems and have them repaired before they cause permanent damage to your computer.

To help you in this regard, here are three sounds that will tell you it’s time to contact a computer repair service.

Repeated beeping sounds

Hearing a beeping sound from your computer is actually normal, but hearing repeated beeping sounds that don’t seem to stop can mean a big problem. Usually, your computer will beep when you boot it up; this means the BIOS—the firmware that lets your Operating System run properly—is testing for any errors. 

Multiple repeated beeps, however, means that there is an error with the system, so you should call a computer repair service immediately for help. There are instances where it will still run despite the beeping, but prolonged use can permanently damage your computer’s contents.

If, however, there is a constant beeping but it keeps going even if your computer isn’t on, then chances are that it’s your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This usually means that it’s low on battery or has an internal failure—have it checked and replaced to keep using your computer without fear of power fluctuations.

Clicking sounds

Unlike beeping sounds, clicking sounds are not normal to hear and could be a sign of a hard drive issue. Damages to the needle within the mechanism can rub on the surface of the hard disk, thus making the clicking noise. If it starts escalating to a higher whine instead of a click, then change the hard drive immediately—else, you might lose all your files! 

Air fan throttle

More often than not, you will hear your computer’s internal fan throttle at certain periods. This is entirely normal; the fans are there to keep your desktop or laptop from overheating. What isn’t normal, however, is if your computer starts throttling like a jet engine constantly. When this happens, it usually means that your fans are having a tough time cooling down your computer—more often than not due to obstructions on the way. 

Dust and hair are prone to getting into your vents, clogging up your fan’s airways. In worse cases, it could come off as a clunking sound, as the obstructions are already in the path of the fan blades themselves. A quick call to a computer repair service and they can open up your computer and clean all the debris inside—this should get it back to top working condition quickly.


Taking note of what’s going on around your computer is one of the best ways to assure that it remains in peak working performance. By taking note of the sounds that it makes, you can stay ahead of computer issues and have it maintained before any damage to your files or internal hardware is made

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