3 Ways to Recover from A Security Breach – What to Know

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As we progress further into the digital world, ransomware attacks continue to shift and adjust. Cybersecurity is stronger now than ever, but the threat keeps up—for most companies, the issue of cyberattacks isn’t a question of if, but when. Experts firmly advise that the best way to recover from a breach is to plan. If you’re among the millions of consumers whose confidential information may have been compromised, however, here are the steps you must take to minimize the damages:  

1 – Survey the damage and stop the breach

As soon as your company identifies a security breach, it’s vital to contain it as soon as possible—in such sensitive cases, time is of the essence. Begin the containment by isolating the systems accessed by the attacker, as this allows you to stop the breach from spreading any further into the network. Disconnect all the breached user accounts and after that, shut down the targeted department. 

As soon as everything’s been contained, eliminate the rest of the threat to stop further damage. The methods vary according to the type of attack, however, but it usually involves reformatting and restoring affected assets and blacklisting the identified IP address responsible for the breach. 

2 – Notify those affected

Investigating the data security breach will leave you with a list of everyone affected, as well as those who might still be at risk. The next step is to notify all the parties involved, including the authorities, third-party organizations, and every individual affected. As with any cyberthreat, it’s best to do this as soon as possible. You can send the notification via mass mail, email, or even phone calls. As you notify them, remember to cite the date of the breach, what has been compromised, and all the measures they need to take for further protection from damage. Your promptness and systematic approach will help maintain your company’s reputation and integrity. Data breaches will never be received well by your stakeholders, so it’s best to show them all the measures you’re taking. 

3 – Prepare for the next one

A data breach is difficult to deal with, especially since it involves confidential information you’ve otherwise promised to keep safe. If approached in the right manner, however, such instances can be a learning opportunity. Theoretical planning can only get you so far, and the breach that has happened is testament to that—being able to work through and recover is an entirely different matter. Through this, you shall be able to identify any gaps in procedures, policy, and your entire IT system. 


In this day and age, keeping information out of reach and secure from cyber hackers and other threats can be difficult. Salvaging lost data, files, and sensitive information can be even more challenging. Although prevention is always better than cure, such instances can still happen—it’s best to always remain prepared. Keep these steps in mind should you find yourself dealing with a security breach again.

It’s best not to let it happen again, however. For extra security measures and computer repair services in Indianapolis, Finchum Fixes It offers the best services. Recovering from breaches may be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible—reach out to us today!


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