4 Vital Steps in Implementing ITSM for Your Business

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Establishing Information Technology (IT) solutions in your business or organization can be a bit complex. You have to factor in your infrastructure, software and hardware resources, staffing, and overall budget. 

One viable solution is to set an IT Service Management (ITSM) in place. For the uninitiated, ITSM refers to the process of designing, planning, delivering, operating, and controlling IT services that are offered to customers or clients. The ultimate goal is to provide end-to-end services that will add value to the business or organization. When it comes to this, you will have the option to hire people for your IT team or rely on a service provider.

In this article, we’ll cover the four crucial steps you must take when implementing ITSM for your business:

1. Plan your IT implementation before making a purchase

Before investing in various tools and solutions, you have to deeply understand your business and consequentially plan your ITSM implementation. As you may or may not be aware, every business has varied IT needs, and there are many solutions available in the market, which can make it difficult for you to choose the right options. For these reasons, you must first assess your company’s needs and look for solutions that work well for your business. Consider the infrastructure, resources, staffing, and budget, and from there, you can make the right selection.

2. Avoid common pitfalls by applying ITSM solutions

In line with your ITSM planning, it’s vital to look at your business’ current status. As far as IT is concerned, check to see what areas of improvement you may need to address. The chances are that there are barriers in communication and collaboration with all stakeholders involved in your organization. If not, your infrastructure and software and hardware resources may be outdated or have limited staffing for your monitoring. By knowing common pitfalls in your business, you’ll be able to select the right solutions.

3. Switch from a break-and-fix method to a managed service

Currently, you may rely on a break-and-fix method for your business, where you will only hire IT services whenever there are arising issues. For instance, you have a sudden network problem, and you hire personnel to troubleshoot this as soon as possible. Such an approach can be a bit costly and unreliable in terms of getting urgent and consistent solutions. If you have been doing this in the past, it’s best to switch over to a managed service, as this process allows you to take advantage of a senior IT team and advanced technology to implement your ITSM and monitor it consistently.

4. Monitor ITSM implementation for improvements

Once you’ve chosen a managed service provider and started implementing your ITSM, keep in mind that regular monitoring is an integral part of the overall equation. Make sure that your hired services will include constant performance tracking and set relevant metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that your service provider must meet. If there are performance gaps, they should quickly and efficiently address them to maintain business stability and client satisfaction.


At this point, we’ve covered the five steps that are vital in the ITSM implementation of your business. All it takes is to plan your solutions, avoid common pitfalls, switch from a break-and-fix to a managed service, and monitor IT improvements. With all these in place, you can have a robust implementation that provides your customers or clients with remarkable end-to-end services and adds overall value to your business.

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