Common Questions For IT Professionals

Common Questions For IT Professionals

While using computers or the internet may have been a luxury just a couple short decades ago, they have grown to become a necessity in everyday life. Whether you’re using your computer for personal or professional purposes, it’s easy to see just how wrapped up our lives have become in technology on a day to day basis. With this increase in computer and technology use comes a lot of questions from those who may enjoy using computers but aren’t quite sure how they work. Answering these common questions can help computer users to become more comfortable with their machines, and to feel better about using them to their full potential.

The number of Americans who consider themselves strongly computer literate is alarmingly low. Most Americans believe they have a “level 1” or basic level of computer literacy, so they do rely on the professionals to clear up some of the mystery that surrounds this type of technology for them. With professionals in your corner, you can really see the type of potential today’s technology holds within.

Outlining The Top Computer Questions

Some computer questions seem to come up again and again in Greenwood, IN, showing that these are common queries for most computer users. Outlining these questions and providing a few answers can help Greenwood, IN to feel better about their computer literacy. Some of these common questions are:

  • Why does my battery drain so quickly? – Most computer users in Greenwood, IN today rely on laptops for their day to day computer usage, and these have rechargeable batteries so users can bring them along on their daily journeys. Throughout the life of your laptop, these batteries may begin to lose their power more quickly, but it’s important to remember that this is normal. Lithium Ion batteries have a lifespan of their own, and they will need replacement eventually.
  • What do viruses do? – Viruses can infect a computer from any number of sources, and when a computer is infected with a virus it may take a professional eye to get you your personal machine back again. A virus is a program that copies itself after it infects a computer, spreading from machine to machine like the viruses humans experience, and it can steal information, bog down your computer, or render your machine unusable.
  • Should I use public Wi-Fi? – With so many public places offering free Wi-Fi, a common question is “should I use it or not?” There is nothing wrong with using WiFi on an airplane, at a restaurant, or in a hotel, but it’s important to be smart about your use. Others on the network could see what you are doing, and personal information should only be shared while using private networks away from the public.

Solutions For All Tech Users

Having the professionals on your side can make using today’s top technology a more confident and comfortable experience. If you suspect your computer is in need of repair, or you’d like to learn more about common IT questions, contact us at Finchum’s Computer Service today.


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