How to Avoid Ransomware from Getting into Your Computer

ransomware on a computer

Everything is so easy and convenient now because of technology. People enroll in online classes, watch concerts, and even go grocery shopping online. Technology and the internet have allowed people a more convenient lifestyle. However, as much as it is convenient, it can also be quite dangerous for you and your security.

Ransomware is a money-making strategy created by cybercriminals and has been going around for years. Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts a victim’s personal information and files. The thief will demand ransom from the victim to be able to access their files again. It may get your data and even ruin your computer’s software, making you have to spend even more on computer repair.

Anyone can be a victim of ransomware. As long as you hold important information and data, cyber thieves can get into your system and demand ransom. Below are some tips on how to prevent ransomware attacks:

If it’s strange, don’t click it

Remember when elders would tell you not to talk to strangers? This works the same way online. Don’t click unfamiliar site links and pop-ups—be vigilant and read the text properly before you click. Signing up on different websites sometimes can be dangerous because you don’t know the amount of security these websites have. Be sure always to check if the website your on is safe and if it encrypts your data. 

Most ransomware comes from spam emails. It’s always best to avoid any suspicious spam mail from your inbox because you might be dealing with ransomware. 

Double-check before downloading and installing

Some ransomware can be found in applications that you download from untrusted websites. They’ll let you download their application and ask for access to your computer’s software. It’s always best to download applications on websites that are reliable and have authentic reviews. 

A solution that can help you with this issue is anti-virus software, which can prevent ransomware and whitelisting software. It blocks unauthorized software from installing on your computer.

Back-up all your files

If you’ve never backed up your files, this might take a while, but it would be totally worth it should you be attacked by ransomware. The best way to prevent ransomware from infecting your computer is to constantly back up your files. Make sure you’re saving your data in a safe and encrypted cloud or an external hard drive. 

That won’t completely avoid ransomware attacks, but it can decrease the damage when they do. It will make you feel better to know that important data and files are in your safekeeping.


Ransomware is everywhere, and it’s always best to be wary and aware of the websites you are visiting. Not all of these websites are safe and can protect you, so it’s up to you to do thorough research. You can prevent malware from entering your computer’s system by downloading anti-virus software so that your data will be safe, and you’ll avoid your software from breaking and getting computer repairs. 

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