How to Prevent Data Breach and Secure Your Business Data – Our Guide

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Even though technology can make a lot of things convenient for your business, it can also be extremely dangerous when you don’t prioritize security. Many companies are connected to the internet, through sales or company data, and are at high risk for data breaches.

According to collected data, businesses that experience data breaches lose significant revenue and damage their brand’s reputation. These cyber thieves or hackers collect the data your company has online and can affect your clients as well. They could get confidential information, which can be used against you or your clients. It is always essential to invest in IT consulting and services to protect your company’s data, as well as your clients and employees.

Here are some tips on how to protect your company from data breaches:

Train your employees on security

The first important step in preventing data breaches in your company is to educate everyone on your team. Your whole company should be aware of what data breach is and what it can do to them and the company.

It’s important to remind your employees to stay vigilant and responsible when they handle data, especially when it’s online. One wrong move, such as clicking a malicious link, can direct them to a hacker who can easily enter your company’s website and steal your data. 

Make sure your computers and devices have firewall protection

Another form of protection from data breaches is a secure firewall. This software will help prevent unwanted malware or malicious software from entering your system. Computer repair experts in Indianapolis can help you install one in your network.

Without proper software protection, hackers can easily enter your website, ruin your system, and get all the data and information they need. It is quite dangerous for your business because you’ll lose vital company and compromise client information.

Enhance your security system

A simple log-in to one’s account isn’t safe at all. Your company should consider more security additions like biometrics, security card passes or keys, or one-time codes that employees receive through their mobile devices. This way, you’ll have another layer of security the hackers and data thieves would have to deal with. 

Another important thing to remember is always to delete accounts of employees who have left your company already. Leaving their accounts open even when they are no longer working for you will allow hackers because their system isn’t well protected anymore. Always ask your employees to change their passwords from time to time to prevent hacking as well.


Don’t wait until a data breach happens to your company’s system. Always be mindful and think ahead by working with a reputable IT company that could help you set up a top of the line security software to protect your clients’ and company’s data. Don’t forget to educate your team, always have a data breach plan, and remember to encrypt all your devices. The technology is as scary as the material world—it’s always best to be prepared. 

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