3 Common Myths about Data Recovery and How to Address Them

data recovery

Keeping computerized documents is ubiquitous for having plenty of important tasks, like office work, school, personal files, business records, and more. You can copy and paste things into different storage options, but they can disappear if there is no enough protection. Unfortunately, electronic data can be lost, which is why data recovery is a necessity. However, you may be heavily misinformed about it, leading to dire consequences, like losing files forever. 

Many often fall victim to inaccurate details and ineffective fixes to get their data recovered because plenty of desperate users want quick-and-easy interventions. The problem is even IT specialists themselves have to take extra precautions and have the expertise necessary to recover everything. To ensure you can go about this process in the best way possible, consider the following debunked myths and their corresponding insights: 

Myth #1: You cannot get back data lost from a reformatted hard drive.

Most disheartened users are told they cannot recover their data from their external hard drives, forcing them to throw them away and moving on from the hopeless experience. In most extreme scenarios, they have to spend months or even years just to make up for the data loss. Fortunately, there is still a good chance to access the files. It is just more of a case-to-case basis. 

For instance, certain physical or mechanical issues can affect the data’s readability, leading to “bad sectors.” For some users, there is a chance that the System Restore only led to some file damage because of overwriting. It will all boil down to the amount of data previously stored, the newly overwritten data’s capacity, the needed data’s physical location, and the fragmentation level. Due to the high stakes of this situation, seek data recovery services to address this issue and hope for the best. 

While being self-sufficient places less strain on one’s wallet, there is a time and a place when it is advisable and necessary to get professional help. When the loss of priceless personal or business data is concerned, seek out the assistance of reputable data recovery professionals or a data recovery service provider of your choice.

Myth #2: Data recovery is under the provider’s warranty, so you can make a claim to shoulder the costs for damages. 

Computer hardware manufacturers know the implications that come with their products, so they would never do something like cover the external hard drive data recovery costs. Remember, it is your sole duty to create, reproduce, and erase personal files, meaning you have to take ownership if something goes wrong. 

The only possible warranty to claim is for broken components due to wear and tear, wherein they replace the old product with a new one regardless of your data’s status. So, see to it that you always have backups prepared in convenient, safe storage, like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. 

Myth# 3: There is a way to repair your hard drives yourself. All you have to do is replace the platters, install the compatible replacement, and get back your files. 

The Internet is riddled with DIY solutions, like YouTube videos and well-meaning blog posts about fixing a hard drive with the intent to recover lost data. However, doing this comes with significantly high risks and low rewards. Only professionals are supposed to do this since it takes close attention to detail, training, and even specialized tools. If you attempt to get the files yourself, they can be lost permanently. 


There is a lot of false information and questionable DIY methods circulating the Internet that can easily mislead users. Therefore, be extra vigilant before acting on a problem as high stakes as your electronic files, especially if they contain essential, sensitive details. So, stay informed, validate what you know, and consider bringing your data-related issues to experts like us! 

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