Network Protection Services: Why Your Home Network Needs It

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Over the years of Internet usage, your home’s network was fairly secure because you had an antivirus installed on your personal computer. Today, that alone is not enough. A simple software will not stop an attack from a cybercriminal bent on trying to steal your information. Plus, with the myriad of devices in your home, from your phone and laptop and even your smart TV, there are plenty more ways for attackers to infiltrate your network. 

This begs the question, how do you exactly secure your home network with all these dangers floating around the Internet? Here is the answer: By opting for a network protection service.

Why do I need network protection services?

Think of a network like strings tied from one device to the other; they are communication lines between each device. Imagine that these strings also lead to a single point, typically your router, which then spreads out to billions of other strings throughout the world. This is what a network looks like, and monitoring all activities that happen in the network is next to impossible. 

Fortunately, securing a network can start at a single point, such as your router, since all traffic has to go through it. 

Suppose that you are knowledgeable about network security. In this case, you may not even think about opting for such services. However, if you do not and still attempt to go at it without help, the chances are that your security flaws and breaches will be everywhere. These can mean attackers can still quickly discover the weaknesses and use them to penetrate your home network. 

In other words, if you feel unsure about how to go about protecting your home network, then you must go for network protection services.

How do network protection services work? 

Network protection services utilize many security techniques to keep your home network secure at all times. For instance, the experts will set up firewalls to scan through and block any incoming traffic that is believed to be for ill reasons. 

The protection service will also offer monitoring services to keep the network in check for any criminal-like activities. This data is then fed into an AI (artificial intelligence) brain to make securing the network easier. Other services can also include alerts to your phone for any unauthorized access to your networks, which allows you to determine whether it is a false alarm quickly, or it is indeed an attempt by an unknown source to access your network.

Are network protection services worth it? 

Definitely! Network protection services go a long way in keeping your home network safe, ensuring your data is kept secure from any prying eyes. That being said, there is a price to pay for protection. Many ISPs (Internet service providers) have various plans ready to be given and rent their routers. The prices for these plans can vary greatly, and you can expect to pay approximately $100 or more a year for the plans.

While that might seem costly at first, it is actually a long-term investment because security is priceless. On the other hand, you will lose more than a couple of hundred bucks if someone were to access your sensitive information.


With the aid of network security services, you can sit back and relax as you surf the Internet, knowing that your activities are kept safe from any cybercriminals. As mentioned above, there are various services in the market to choose from. For this reason, be sure to take the time and research what each solution has to offer and compare the prices. That way, you will be able to discover the best and cost-effective security solution for your home!

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