Why You Need Regular Network Security Auditing In 2020

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IT services are essential in ensuring a properly functioning business, as everything about this world is slowly shifting online. There are countless technological developments that have changed the way businesses run in the 21st century. The best part is that technology will continue to evolve and expedite the way things are in the future.

As convenient as that may seem, the online world proposes plenty of threats to businesses. Online risks, such as phishing, malware attacks, and other computer viruses, can be potentially damaging to a business’ reputation. Knowing how customer information and details must be held in high regard, it makes sense to constantly run network security audits.

Cybercrime is a Prevalent Force in the 21st Century

Data security is an industry that is heavily invested in due to the number of cyberattacks that happen each year. Both the smaller credit card fraud attempts and larger-scale attacks on businesses cause hundreds of billions of dollars in damage annually. With billions of people online and the numbers increasing exponentially at a steady rate, there will be no signs of these stopping.

Stopping cybercrime as a whole is practically impossible, as the internet’s infrastructure prevents even the highly skilled programmers from deterring other hackers. Hackers will always be around, and this is evident in today’s world.

It can, however, be prevented by taking careful measures and watching what you click.

Preventing Cyberattacks in the Workplace

Computer services that offer IT support will know that network security audits are essential in determining the integrity of your business network’s safety. The trick to keeping business trade secrets safe online is to always be a step ahead of hackers.

Fortunately, there are plenty of features that can be installed and activated to prevent malicious activity on your networks. There are also basic elements of online activity that all users of business networks must take into consideration at all times to further bolster security.

The best thing to do is to install antivirus and defender software for all computers in the workplace. This will warn users when malicious software is trying to access the system, which can then be caught by computer IT support services.

Another thing to note when preventing cyberattacks is to always pay attention to the sites being visited. By issuing guidelines to employees, as well as blocking certain websites and applications from being installed on computers, this will make the entire network safer overall.

For anyone online, it is important to always keep passwords changed regularly. Employees should have a unique work password that does not coincide with their personal passwords to prevent work accounts from getting hacked.

Running a Network Security Audit Regularly Will Help

Auditing a network’s integrity is a great process that will keep business secrets protected, as well as ensure that everything about the business is running smoothly. Having a computer service company run a network security audit will show flaws in the firewalls and security details of a network.

This is important to do regularly, as technological shifts happen each day, and updates on apps and sites often cause loopholes to appear. When there are loopholes, these become a field day for hackers and malicious entities to attack business sites.

If billion-dollar companies can lose out on tons of money because of malicious activity online, then what more for small businesses that already have a smaller support network. As such, run a regular audit procedure each quarter of the year for best results with network security.


When it comes to business trade secrets, one must not skimp on network security. Knowing how digitized the world of today is, its numerous benefits can easily be overshadowed by its excessive number of risks and threats. To keep your business networks safe, run a full network security audit regularly through the services of a reliable IT support company.

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