Essentials Things to Do after a Data Breach in Your Business

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A data breach is a threat, especially for small businesses, because it can damage customers’ trust and diminish their reputation. If you own a small business, a data breach is one of the security issues that you wouldn’t want to happen because it may be hard to recover from the incident.

But, in case you’ve already faced a data breach, you have to know the essential things you can do after the occurrence to minimize the damage to your business and customers. To guide you, here’s what you need to do after a data breach happens to your business:

1. Find Out the Source and Extent of the Breach

The first and most important thing you need to do right after the data breach is to identify where it came from and the extent it reached so that you can stop the spread. 

Ideally, businesses should have an intrusion detection or prevention system (IDS and IPS) in place. These systems can automatically log security logs which will help find out the source of the breach, which files were accessed, and what the hackers actually did. 

If your business doesn’t have these systems, you will have difficulty collecting the information you need to proceed to the next steps. So, make sure you have at least one of these systems in place. If it is too late, you will need the help of cybersecurity experts.

2. Notify the Breach Task Force Immediately and Address the Breach Right Away

Whether you are a small, startup, or large business, it’s essential to have a team of IT personnel tasked with handling security system emergencies, including data breaches. While an IDS and IPS can help proactively address the breach, having a team of professionals who will handle the issue can resolve the situation more quickly. 

Right after the breach, make sure to notify the team as soon as possible so that they can address the breach right away. 

3. Always Test Your Security Fix

After implanting a short-term fix, test it immediately to ensure that there is no further access to your data and attackers cannot enter your system again using the same method. You should implement testing on all of your company’s servers/virtual machines to ensure no vulnerability exists elsewhere. 

4. Let the Authorities and All Affected Customers Know

Another essential step you need to take after a data breach in your business is to let the authorities and all affected customers know. By informing the authorities, they may be able to provide you with crucial instructions for complying with post-breach regulatory standards for your industry. 

On the other hand, when you inform your customers, you can allow them to protect their identities to prevent possible identity theft. Just make sure to be open and transparent about the breach when informing your customers and alert them as soon as you can. 


There is nothing you can do once the hackers are already in your business’s system. But you can do something about it after the incident. Just follow this guide to minimize the breach’s impact on your business. If you just let the attack slide, you will only face more security issues, which means greater losses and costs. 

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