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Finchum’s Computer Services has a team of highly-skilled data recovery professionals committed to preserving and analyzing evidence and preventing data destruction. Our expert specialists can detect caches on emails, documents and deleted information that may be stored in unexpected locations. Data may be contained in file servers, mail servers, workstations, cell phones, tablets, CD-ROMs, USB devices, backup tapes and archiving systems. At Finchum’s Computer Service we can and have handled digital forensics cases in Greenwood, IN.


Digital Forensics - Computer, Mobile, Flash Drives, Cards

If you’re looking for information on a device, our digital forensics team can help. We specialize in analyzing the data on a wide array of devices, ranging from cellphones and tablets to flash drives. Even if the device is no longer functional, there’s a strong chance that our computer forensics team can recover the data and view and analyze the material on the device.

Data Breach Recovery

If your Greenwood, IN business suffers a data breach, it may seem as though your world is crashing down. Fortunately, we’re here to help. We’ll walk you through the critical steps that you need to take after a data breach. We’ll work to identify what sections of the digital network were breached while also determining how to prevent it from happening again.


Ransomware / Virus Forensics

As a Greenwood, IN business owner, you likely have an abundance of sensitive information on your hard drive. Ransomware and viruses lurking in the background could put this data at risk. Our data recovery anf forensics team can scan your computer and networks to identify any potential issues. We’ll then work quickly to eliminate them from your device.

JTAG Data Extraction

If some of our more common computer forensics methods don’t work, our technicians are certified in JTAG forensics. These methods allow us to connect to Test Access Ports and transfer raw data. This process can remove sensitive information that’s been damaged physically or otherwise compromised. Using this method increases the likelihood of recovering data.


Expert Testimony

If you were ever to go to court over a data breach or loss of files, we could potentially help. Our team is highly qualified, having acquired numerous licenses and certifications. When it comes to IT, we are very knowledgeable. We’ve provided expert testimony in court cases before and can do so on your behalf.


Free Consultation

Before we charge you anything, we’ll meet with you to determine what happened and whether we could potentially resolve the problem.


Custom Design & Proposal

Each business owner has a different network in place. We’ll base our data recovery proposals on your system, increasing the chances of recovery.


Installation & Training

We’ll often put systems and safeguards in place to prevent a data breach from occurring again. We’ll also explain them to you thoroughly before we go.


Warranties & Support

If we put any safeguards in place, we’ll guarantee that they work. We provide you with a sole technician who is responsible for overseeing your account, providing you with the attention and customer service you deserve.

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