What Are the 3 Technical Elements of a Good Web Design

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With thousands of websites on the web, perhaps you’ve wondered what makes some websites great and what makes others average or mediocre. The truth is that a good web design begins with three essential technical elements: form and function, an excellent mobile interface, and the site’s crawlability. 

To ensure that your web design is good for both users and search engines, take note of the following:

A Combination of Form and Function

A website should be aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time. You should consider both the site’s form and function to be excellent at the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). A web designer must find the perfect balance of appearance and functionality.

You need a website that is attractive to users since internet surfers generally are motivated by aesthetically pleasing websites. But in addition to that, the site needs to have user-friendly, intuitive navigation, internal links, and calls to action.

An attractive website with cluttered navigation may be praised in the design aspect, but it won’t win visitors. But also, an outdated site with straightforward navigation won’t impress users. They might leave just after getting into the landing page. As a designer, you need to optimize both factors at the same time.

An Excellent Mobile Interface

Aside from what your site looks like on the web, it must also pass the user’s preference for mobile use. Almost everybody is surfing the web and visiting numerous sites from their phones, so you should have an excellent mobile interface. It should be dynamic with fast loading times and navigation that can efficiently be executed by a quick swipe or a finger press.

Google search engine crawlers always favor responsive mobile sites when they’re indexing. So it’s best if you have an interface that would promote user experience on mobile devices. That way, you can optimize your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Search Engine Crawlability

A site’s crawlability refers to how it’s easily found, crawled, and indexed by search engines like Google and Mozilla Firefox. Your website must be designed for both human users and search engine crawlers. It has to be functional on the front end and the backend.

To optimize your web design for human users, make sure that it has a natural flow and be easy to skim through. Since most users read websites by jumping around, your design should provide pertinent information that is still attractive to users. 

Meanwhile, search engine crawlers must correctly understand each page to properly index your website and rank it for the results pages. That’s why SEO is an imperative tool for websites.  


Now that you know which top three technical elements should be optimized for an excellent website design, how does your website fare? If it is not up to par, it’s time to improve on these three aspects today.

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